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Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape found in bridal jewelry.  Always in style and perfect the classic womens, solitaire diamond engagement ring.  The solitaire engagement ring style is as traditional as, and timeless as it gets.  The round brilliant cut diamond is a work of art that has been mastered over the years to have the most sparkle and brilliance of any other shape.  Round brilliant cut solitaire engagement rings emphasis is on the diamond and has nothing else to take away from the beauty and brilliance of the main diamond.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are bold and traditional.  If you’re looking for a simplistic engagement ring than a solitaire style is hands down the best ring style for you.  The solitaire four or six prong style sits at an ideal seven millimeters above the shank to all for maximum sparkle and brilliance.  The solitaire engagement ring is a masterpiece made to show of a diamond better than any other setting.  The craftsman ship and diamond faceting Pompeii3’s jewelers put into each piece will stand above the rest.  All of our solitaire diamond engagement rings have very good cutting so they will have the most shine and fire.

Princess cut diamond is the second most popular style and uniquely different than the round brilliant cut.  Princess cut diamonds are square and have  hard edges, this shape is perfect for someone that is looking for something a little different than the basic round brilliant cut.  This shape is unique it can go with both casual or formal outfits.  Our solitaire diamond engagement rings are set in solid platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and or palladium.  Pompeii3 has a large selection that you can surprise the loved one in your life.

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring can be tough and confusing.  Jewelry stores generally make it confusing for a reason, at we lay the cards out for you.  Compare apples to apples and you will see how cheap and affordable our diamond engagement rings are.  Whether your looking for an heirloom wow piece, classic style engagement ring, promise ring, or 3 stone diamond engagement ring you're guaranteed to find it in our huge selection with crazy low prices.  Don't let the prices confuse you our quality standards are high and must pass three control check departments.  Each diamond engagement ring is individually checked before shipping.  We understand how special this moment is in your life and want to ensure every aspect of the ring are perfect just like the loved one in your life! Pompeii3 has affordable quality diamond ring options, allow your style and individuality to help pick the perfect ring.

Multi-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Pompeii3 specializes in bridal diamond engagement rings.  Antique vintage designs with filigree accents, and the ever so popular halo styles.  Our multi stone category includes black diamond, blue diamond, and classic white diamond engagement rings.  Our creative and unique diamond rings are sure to dazzle your loved one.  Express the sign of love and commitment with an ring and quality that would cost MUCH more anywhere else.  Our designs are hand crafted in Libertyville, IL by skilled jewelers that have been making jewelry for over 30 years.  Our diamond engagement rings styles range from antique heirloom, to contemporary and modern.  Everyone is unique and different and that is exactly how their diamond engagement ring should be.

There are endless options and choices when searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring.  Pompeii3 has put together a selection of unique styles with high quality that won’t break the bank.  Pompeii3 has one of the largest selections of diamond engagement rings, halo diamond engagement rings, vintage princess cut diamond engagement rings, three stone diamond rings, and popular solitaire diamond engagement rings.  Our micropave collection is striking and accents any main stone nicely.  Most of our ring designs are fashioned in white gold, but can be upgraded to rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum.  Since we manufacturer all of our own designs we can even replace the main stone with a pink tourmaline gemstone, blue diamond, black diamond, or morganite.  Morganite has become very popular because of the similar resemblance to a pink diamond.  Round brilliant cut has the most brilliance, but be sure to check out our other shapes and cuts.  Princess cut, oval cut, pear shape diamonds add wow factor to any engagement ring.  Our prices are cheap and we try to offer quality rings that offer the most bang for your buck.  Don’t be overwhelmed with choices, feel free to call one our sales representatives if you have questions or concerns when searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring. 

Infinity diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular.  Its no surprise white this design concept is becoming so big.  Diamonds twist and infinity cross forming an infinity style.  Diamond micro pave infinity engagement rings made with round brilliant cut diamonds give a curvy sexy look to a women's hand.  When she flashes it off to people they will likely do a "double take".  Infinity diamond engagement rings do have a vintage antique diamond engagement ring look but this will certainly turn heads.  If you're looking for a unique vintage style infnity diamond engagement ring with matching wedding band check out our collection we have a few with different price points and qualities.  

The halo diamond engagement ring is by far the most popular design trend in today’s bridal styles.  A halo diamond engagement ring is nothing more than a main stone that has an accenting border of diamonds around the main stone.  This gives the diamond engagement ring a bigger look without upgrading the main stone.  Celebrities such as Guiliana Ranic, Nicole Richi, Katherine Heigel, Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Molly Simms, and Gweneth Paltrow are just a few of the many red carpet stars that rock halo diamond engagement rings.  Our signature halo diamond ring features a 1/3ct center and is accented with a single row of diamonds down the shank.  With the overwhelming demand for the halo style we will find this to soon be a more classic look.  The concepts of most halo designs are to give you a bigger look for less.  Pompeii3 has a huge selection of halo diamond engagement rings look like a celebrity for less.  Shop the source and save!

Three Stone Diamond Rings

Three stone diamond rings are great for gifts, anniversary, and the most common engagement rings.  Matching with a simple channel set band or eternity ring you will find this ring is easy and versatile to work with.  Three stone diamond rings are meant to represent the past present and future.  The importance and representation of the three stone diamond engagement ring is to display the love and strength of your everlasting relationship.  Pompeii3 offer a great selection of three stone diamond rings in various shapes such as round brilliant cut, and princess cut.  The future is bright with our affordable three stone diamond rings.  Three stone diamond engagement rings have always been popular because of the close comparison to a solitaire, but still traditional and elegant.  Pompeii3 has  a stunning selection with different qualities.  Most of our cheap three stone diamond engagement rings are prong set in a trellis setting.  When it comes to showing off your relationship you can’t go wrong a past present future three stone diamond engagement anniversary ring from Pompeii3.

Bridal Sets

Pompeii3 is pleased to show off our wide selection of diamond engagement and matching bridal wedding sets.  By choosing a bridal set you are guaranteed to get the perfect matching band for the big day.  Choosing a matching band to the already unique engagement ring is great way to take the difficulty out of trying to find one that compliments.  Solitaire styles with channel set bands or vintage hand engraved ring sets are just some of our amazing rings.  The most popular ring style we have seen in the last year is a round center stone cushion halo and a single row matching diamond wedding band.  This is a redefined twist to the traditional round halo ring set.  Our styles are unique just like the special someone in your life.  Browse our collection and see if there is one set that grabs your attention.  Another style you will want to check out is our infinity pave intertwined bridal set.  This has become very popular with big name designers and celebrities.  Because we manufacturer our own jeweler we can even make a second ring to our bridal set to give you a guard ring look.  This is a great idea for someone that likes things to be even and symmetrical.  Our antique style engagement ring sets are popular and guaranteed not to be found anywhere else, get the attention of your friends and the lifelong commitment from your loved one.  Shop the source and save at Pompeii3.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, matching diamond rings, round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings, and vintage diamond engagement rings that don't break the bank is our specialty.  Get a designer diamond engagement ring look for less.  If you like vintage or classic diamond engagement rings we have it all.  Hand engraved designs with milgrain accents.   Our most popular diamond engagement styles are vintage with diamond halo accents.  This inspired look is becoming very mainstream and adorned by celebrities.  Princess to round cut our diamond engagement rings will save you money and look fabulous forever.  Never again pay for mas produced designer rings with huge markups.  Our rings are unique one a kind and made in USA with 100% guaranteed conflict free diamonds.

A diamond engagement ring is what every women has thought of, and perhaps the most treasured piece of jewelry they will own.  At, our selection and options are endless with respect to mens and women's diamond rings.  Halo diamond engagement rings, promise rings, 3-stone diamond rings, bridal sets, and vintage princess cut diamond engagement rings.  Our large collection and cheap prices are guarantee to fit all size budgets. 

Our prices are cheap.  Shop any large local big retailed and you will find that we sell cheap diamond engagement rings.  The quality is not cheap but the prices are cheap.  We use the same gold and diamonds just much better prices.  Shop the site for a great selection of cheap diamond engagement rings with vintage antique styles. 

Vintage diamond engagement rings are this years most popular designs.  Pompeii3 has a huge selection of the most unique antique vintage princess cut diamond engagement rings.  Our antique diamond engagement rings are accented with filigree and hand engraving. Be unique and different with our affordable antique diamond engagement rings with round or princess cut conflict free guaranteed diamonds.  These types of designs would cost three times as much at any big box jewelry store.  When you shop the source and cut out the middleman you can afford a designer looking antique style diamond engagement ring for much much less.  We hand make all of our rings so each is special for your loved one!  Dont get caught with a ring that everyone has seen at the jewelery store get some different and unique to symbolize your love and relationship.  

Conflict free guarantee

Pompeii3 sources their diamonds from reputable sources that do not fund or support conflicts.  The diamonds come mostly from Canada where all employees are paid fair wages.  Our diamonds are 100% guaranteed conflict free.

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