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Make a Colorful Splash

A statement piece, like a gemstone engagement ring, is a real conversation starter. Choosing a gemstone ring over a traditional diamond guarantees that the ring will be unlike any other. Each gemstone is unique in color, size, and shape, making it truly one of a kind. Bold colors like sapphire and emerald pop against white gold. Softer hues like aquamarine or amethyst pair well with rose gold. Gemstones come in every color under the sun, so the options are endless! 

Contemporary Combinations

For brides with an eye for trends and a flair for color, a gemstone engagement ring is the way to go! With a custom-designed ring from Pompeii3, you don’t have to forgo the traditional diamond when opting for a gemstone. Get the best of both worlds! Choose your center gemstone and surround it with accent diamonds for a dazzling finish with maximum sparkle. One of the benefits of choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring is its versatility. Bring your vision to life by mixing and matching stones, colors, and metals to create the perfect piece for your fiance to be!

Choose Something Unique

Getting engaged is a huge life decision, but choosing the perfect ring doesn’t have to be! Let our team of expert jewelers and gemologists help you design a custom creation. A beautiful piece created from a love that’s as special as the bond you share. A custom gemstone engagement ring might be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a pop of color and a whole lot of originality!

Ready to Say I Do?

Our team of innovative jewelry designers and gemologists would love to design the engagement ring of her dreams. Reach out today to give the gift of color and brighten her world with a gorgeous custom gemstone ring!