Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

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Classic & Stylish Shape

A dazzling oval-cut diamond embedded in a stunning engagement ring is a brilliant way to ensure they say yes! This cut exhibits the same sparkle as a round diamond but in a more distinctive, elongated shape. It is a classic yet stylish way to propose.

Choose an Oval-Cut Engagement Ring

People love how the elongated shape of an oval-cut diamond complements their fingers. With an oval-shaped diamond, you don’t get the standardized length-to-width proportions as you do with round-cut diamonds. It gives a more tapered look that flatters the finger. Due to its weight distribution, an oval diamond engagement ring also looks bigger than its size.

The oval diamond is a timeless shape that suits people of all ages. If your partner has a taste in more vintage styles, the oval cut is the perfect choice for them and looks stunning in a vintage-inspired setting. Browse our wide selection of oval engagement rings to find the perfect ring for your other half. Shop now.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

At Pompeii3, we are dedicated to providing the best craftsmanship at an exceptional price to add a little sparkle to your life. When you buy from us you get:

  • Ethically sourced, heirloom-quality diamonds
  • The option of choosing affordable lab-grown diamonds
  • Handcrafted pieces made with over 100 years of experience
  • Extended warranty of 6 months (180 days) post-purchase
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days in case anything goes wrong
  • 0% APR financing for qualified individuals
  • Free shipping and returns on all orders
  • Gift-box included free of charge

So, what are you waiting for? Express your love with Pompeii3 jewelry. Shop for an oval diamond engagement ring now!