Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

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Emerald-Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald-cut engagement rings are the perfect option for women who appreciate a distinctive, classic look. An emerald-cut diamond elongates the finger and gives the illusion of a larger stone. The emerald shape has fewer facets than its oval or cushion cut counterparts, however, the long layered facets reflect light which makes the diamond sparkle and shine. Emerald cuts tend to emphasize the color of the stone, so it’s best to choose a high-quality, colorless diamond. This shape typically highlights the clarity of the diamond as well. Find out more about the cut, clarity, and color grades on our fine jewelry education page.

Emerald-cut engagement rings are the epitome of sophistication. This is the right stone shape for strong, bold women with impeccable style. No matter which style you select, this diamond shape will turn heads everywhere you go.

Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings

Shopping with Pompeii3 means quality you can count on. Our pieces are handmade by expert jewelers using ethically sourced or lab-grown diamonds. When you’re ready to propose, trust Pompeii3 to make her dreams come true. Shop our collection of emerald-cut engagement rings today!

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