Amethyst Jewelry

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One of the most beautiful gemstones (and the birthstone of February), the amethyst is an exquisite and versatile favorite among collectors of fine jewelry. Our collection of amethyst jewelry includes a range of colors and styles, from deep and richly toned amethyst stud earrings to solitaire pendant necklaces and much more. Whatever you’re looking for, our selection of fine jewelry is the perfect place to begin.

Exceptional Craftsmanship for a Stunning Result

The best amethyst jewelry has a way of effortlessly combining incredible design with authentic, quality craftsmanship, and our collection achieves just that. Whether you prefer more classically-inspired and elegant designs, bold contemporary and eye-catching pieces, or one-of-a-kind styles that can’t be found anywhere else, our collection at Pompeii 3 offers something for everyone.

To complement a range of expertly cut amethysts and precious metals, much of our jewelry also features secondary stones such as black diamonds, topaz, sapphire, white diamonds, and more. Find amethyst stud earrings in a halo of white diamonds or a three-stone amethyst engagement ring with sapphire complements on either side.

Find the Perfect Piece of Amethyst Jewelry

We invite you to browse our entire collection of fine amethyst jewelry to find something for yourself or a stunning gift for a loved one. We recommend shopping this collection for mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters born in February to personalize their new favorite piece with their birthstone. For those looking for something truly unique, you can also contact us to create a custom piece.