Mens Alternative Wedding Bands

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Unique and Custom-made Elegance

At Pompeii3, we’re committed to providing fine jewelry that is backed by a century of expertise, extraordinary quality, and a contemporary shopping experience. When it comes to men’s wedding bands, alternative styles can allow the groom to express his unique personality, while remaining as subtle or as extravagant as he likes. 

There are many styles to choose from, and unconventional grooms can select uncommon metals, shapes, and materials. For example, we have settings composed of interesting materials, such as genuine whiskey barrels, meteor inlay, and green aluminum. You can incorporate diamonds, colors, and stylish designs. 

Our men's alternative wedding bands will inspire and provide timelessness while staying true to the groom’s personal style.

Heirloom Quality

From the moment you purchase a piece of fine jewelry from Pompeii3, it becomes a family heirloom. Like each and every one of our products, the alternative metals in our men’s wedding bands are subject to our meticulous standards for inspection and the latest in jewelry innovation. If you want to ensure your wedding band is extra unique, we offer custom jewelry design that will turn your dreams into reality.

Contact Us

Still curious? Want to know more about fine jewelry? We invite you to look at our jewelry education page to learn about the diamonds and metals we offer. 

If you have further questions or simply want to reach out, please contact us so that we can provide you with all the information you need. We are also active on social media so check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Contact us and make your alternative wedding band dreams come true today!