Popular Styles

Choose from elegant sapphire and emerald pieces, as well as captivating gemstone jewelry in opal, ruby, morganite, and much more. Our favorite pieces include a mix of stones and feature an exceptional blend of quality and artistry.

Emerald Emerald

This lush, green stone is timelessly elegant and beautifully mesmerizing. Wear it for everyday outings and special occasions alike. Shop earrings, rings, and more.

Ruby Ruby

There’s nothing quite like these striking red stones. Ruby jewelry is sophisticated, stunning, and a favorite among fine jewelry collectors. Discover your perfect piece today.

Blue Topaz Blue Topaz

Often brighter and icier than sapphire, blue topaz is an extremely popular choice in gemstone fine jewelry. From vintage to classic styles, discover the magic of blue topaz.

Morganite Morganite

This lovely, delicate pink stone lends itself perfectly to gemstone fashion jewelry. Eye-catching and high-quality, morganite makes an excellent budget-friendly choice.

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Morganite Jewelry

Antique or art deco style morganite.

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Stackable Bands

Stack them, match them, love them.

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Stackable Bands

Over 100 Years of Experience

Many of our most beloved gemstone engagement rings are classically inspired and feature elegant variations on timeless designs. Other pieces, including many of our most stunning earrings and pendant necklaces, highlight bold and distinctly contemporary styles. Whatever you’re looking for, our collection offers something for everyone, with an unrivaled selection of gemstone fine jewelry to suit a range of aesthetics and occasions. Shop Pompeii3 today!


How do I choose the right Pompeii3 gemstone jewelry for me?

Selecting the perfect Pompeii3 gemstone fine jewelry and fashion jewelry piece is a blend of personal style and compatibility with your lifestyle. Our range includes timeless options like emeralds and rubies, perfect for making a bold statement, to more subtle choices like morganite and blue topaz. Consider the colors you're drawn to and the type of jewelry that fits your daily activities.

What makes Pompeii3's gemstone jewelry and engagement rings unique?

Pompeii3 stands out for its handcrafted jewelry, meticulously created in our Illinois facility. We prioritize value without sacrificing quality or authenticity. With over 100 years of experience, Pompeii3 delivers heirloom-quality pieces directly to customers, including a free gift box with every order.

Can I customize my Pompeii3 gemstone fine jewelry?

Absolutely! Pompeii3 offers custom jewelry design services, allowing you to create a piece that's uniquely yours. Whether you're envisioning a custom engagement ring or a personalized pendant, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We also offer exclusive lab-grown diamonds for custom pieces, providing a more affordable option without compromising on quality or the luxury of real diamonds.

How do I care for my Pompeii3 jewelry?

To ensure your Pompeii3 gemstone fine jewelry maintains its beauty, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and physical activities that could cause damage. Clean your pieces with a soft, damp cloth and store them in a dry place. For specific care instructions, especially for delicate stones like opal, consider professional cleaning. Pompeii3 jewelry comes with a 180-day warranty, providing added assurance for your cherished pieces.

How does Pompeii3 ensure the quality and ethics of its gemstones and diamonds?

Pompeii3 is committed to ethical sourcing, adhering strictly to the Kimberley Process to ensure our diamonds are conflict-free. Our lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable and affordable alternative, crafted to be real carbon diamonds—not Cubic Zirconia. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our Illinois facility, where we oversee every detail to guarantee the quality and authenticity of our gemstones and diamonds.