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Multi-Diamond Engagement Rings

If you love solitaire diamond engagement rings, but feel like the solitary diamond would look even more stunning with some accent stones, you need to consider side-stone engagement rings. These multi-diamond rings take a beautiful center stone and magnify its beauty by adding additional diamonds down each side of the band.

From Our Forever Us Collection to Halo Options

Our jewelers at Pompeii3 have created an extensive selection of multi-stone rings. No matter your taste, style, or preference, we have the perfect handmade diamond engagement ring for you. As you shop, consider the following options:

  • Metal: Lustrous yellow gold, icy white gold, and warm rose gold are all available to you when you search our selection of multi-diamond rings. We even carry beautiful pieces in durable and shining platinum!
  • Diamond Cut: Your options are only limited by your imagination. We’ve got all the classics, including princess, round brilliant, marquis, and emerald cuts (just to name a few!). Find the perfect cut for the multi-stone engagement ring that will complement your current jewelry ensemble.
  • Diamond Sources: Are you looking for an ethical lab-created stone? We have one of the largest selections you’ll find anywhere of breathtaking EX3 lab diamonds.

The Pompeii3 Guarantee

No matter what style of multi-diamond engagement ring you choose, you can be confident that Pompeii3 will stand behind your purchases. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a free 180-day warranty. We’ll ship your selection to you in a deluxe gift box absolutely free. That’s the Pompeii3 difference, so find the multi-diamond ring of your dreams today!


What makes multi-diamond rings special compared to solitaire rings?

Multi-stone engagement rings offer a unique aesthetic, combining a stunning center stone with additional accent diamonds for enhanced beauty and sparkle. This design elevates the overall look, making the ring more intricate and visually appealing compared to the classic solitaire.

Can I choose the metal type for my multi-stone engagement ring?

Yes, at Pompeii3, we offer a variety of metal options for our multi-stone rings. You can choose from classic yellow gold, sleek white gold, contemporary rose gold, or durable platinum to perfectly match your style and preference.

What diamond cuts are available in multi-stone rings at Pompeii3?

Our selection includes various diamond cuts such as princess, round brilliant, marquis, and emerald, among others. With this wide range, you can find the perfect cut that complements your style and enhances the beauty of your multi-stone ring.

Does Pompeii3 offer lab-created diamonds for multi-diamond rings?

Absolutely! We have an extensive selection of lab-created diamonds, providing you with breathtaking, ethical, and high-quality options for your multi-stone engagement rings.

What guarantees does Pompeii3 offer for multi-diamond engagement rings?

Pompeii3 stands behind every purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free 180-day warranty. This commitment ensures that you can shop with confidence, knowing that we value your satisfaction and the quality of our jewelry.

Can I customize a multi-stone ring at Pompeii3?

Yes, customization is one of our specialties. You can tailor your multi-stone ring according to your preferred metal, diamond cut, and overall design to create a piece that uniquely represents your personal style and love story.

Are Pompeii3’s multi-diamond rings suitable for daily wear?

Yes, our multi-stone rings are designed with both beauty and durability in mind, making them suitable for daily wear. Each piece is crafted to maintain its elegance and integrity over time, even with regular use.