Clarity-Enhanced Diamond Stud Earrings

If you’re looking to get an exceptional value on diamond stud earrings, check out Pompeii3’s array of hand-selected clarity-enhanced diamond earrings. Each diamond has been carefully enhanced to bring out the hidden beauty of the stone, all while offering a more affordable price point.

Enhanced Diamonds:
1/2 cttw Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Studs 14K White Gold Enhanced (D-E, SI)
3/4Ct Round Diamond Studs Brilliant Cut Earrings 14K White Gold Enhanced (I-J, SI)
1ct Diamond Studs 14k White Gold Clarity Enhanced (D-E, SI)
1.25 ct Solitaire Diamond Stud 4 Prong Earrings 14K White Gold Enhanced (F-G, SI)
1 1/2 ct Round Round Diamond Studs with Screw Backs 14k White Gold Enhanced (F-G, SI)
2 ct Round Diamond Screw Back Studs in 14k White Gold Enhanced (G-H, SI)
2 1/4 ct TDW Diamond Screw Back Studs 14K White Gold (F-G, SI)
3ct Round Diamond Studs W/ Screw Back 14K White Gold (F-G, SI)
4 Carat Diamond Studs 14K White Gold With Screw Backs (H-I, SI)

Real Diamonds at an Accessible Price Point

Diamond stud earrings have been the de rigueur of fashion for generations, yet a beautiful pair of diamond earrings have not always been accessible to everyone who wants them. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are a phenomenal solution to this problem, as they can provide higher quality diamonds at a lower price point. 

How is this possible? Through advances in technology, a diamond expert is able to take a diamond and either fill microscopic fractures or remove large inclusions with a laser. The end result is a diamond that will show dramatic improvement in clarity and scintillation than before it was treated. Even better? These clarity-enhanced diamonds are able to be sold at lower price points than similar-looking diamonds that have not received enhancement. It’s a win-win!

Our clarity-enhanced diamond earrings use these exceptional gemstones and place them in a simple stud earring setting that amplifies the diamond’s unique properties. Pompeii3 sells clarity-enhanced diamond studs from ½ carat total weight all the way to a whopping 8-carat total weight. We also have varying options of clarity and color ratings as well. To learn more about clarity-enhanced diamonds and their ratings, visit our jewelry education page.

Pompeii3 Is Your Source For Fine Jewelry

When you think of any type of fine jewelry, think Pompeii3. We’ve been creating satisfied customers for over 100 years with our unique mix of high-quality jewelry, affordable prices, and unbeatable customer service. If you have questions about our clarity-enhanced diamond earrings, contact us today so we can assist you.