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Solitaire Necklaces

If you’re looking for a classic necklace that’s perfect for any occasion, you owe it to yourself to check out the selection of gold and diamond pendants we offer at Pompeii3. In this collection, we’ve curated our meticulously crafted solitaire diamond necklaces — all made right here in the United States. You’ll appreciate the fine quality and attention to detail, and you’ll fall in love with our unique designs.

Gold & Diamond Pendants for Any Style

Round solitaire diamonds are some of the most versatile types of fine jewelry you can find. You can wear these necklaces for nearly any occasion with all styles of tops and dresses. We also offer tons of metal and diamond combinations so you can choose a style that speaks to you. Consider all of the options available to you at Pompeii3.


White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold in either 10-karat or 14-karat all give their own unique spin on the classic solitaire diamond necklace.

Diamond Shapes

Round brilliant, princess, marquise, oval, and even hearts all grace our diamond solitaire pendants, allowing you to find one that fits your style.

Diamond Colors

Pompeii3 not only has classic white diamonds, but also mesmerizing blue stones, mysterious black gems, and tantalizing champagne diamonds as well.

Pendant Necklaces from Pompeii3

When you purchase a solitaire diamond necklace from Pompeii3, you’re not only getting a beautiful piece of jewelry. You’re also taking advantage of our 100 years of experience, quality, and customer service. Each of our necklaces comes with a free 180-day warranty because your satisfaction is always our first priority.

Have a question about our diamond solitaire pendants? Contact us for more information or assistance.


If you have general concerns about our solitaire diamond necklaces, we have some quick answers for you here. Learn more about gold and diamond pendants from Pompeii3 right now!

What is the meaning behind a diamond solitaire pendant?

Solitaire diamond necklaces are often traditional gifts between couples because they have significant symbolic meaning. Because you wear your necklaces so close to your heart, many people believe that this gift is a symbol of enduring love or everlasting intimacy. You can even give these necklaces to close friends to represent eternal solidarity.

How many carats should a solitaire diamond necklace be?

The carat size for your gold and diamond pendant depends mostly on your preference and budget. However, there is something to be said about choosing a stone that’s proportional to the size of your decolletage. Wider and taller individuals may want larger stones to ensure they stand out. Most people choose to start with a pendant that has a 0.5 - 1 carat size stone.

Will a diamond necklace hold its value?

Diamonds and gold both have an independent value that will fluctuate slightly with market conditions. You can conduct a professional evaluation of your jewelry to determine its worth for resale and insurance purposes.

Please note that laboratory-created gemstones will not have the same value as natural diamonds.

Can you wear your solitaire diamond necklace every day?

High-quality gold and diamonds can typically handle the demands of everyday wear — as long as you ensure proper care and maintenance for your jewelry pieces. Diamonds with strong cut and clarity typically have more structural integrity and can handle even more intense activities.

Gold is a little different because pure gold is softer than many other metals. Gold alloys that are 10-karat or 14-karat blends are harder than 18-karat or 22-karat gold and can withstand more scratching and scuffing. Ideally, you want a diamond solitaire pendant made of 10-karat gold with above a VVS1 clarity and Brilliant cut.