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Handcrafted with Precious Metals & Gemstones

How did Pompeii3 create our newest crop of diamond rings? Like all of our pieces, we work with only the finest precious metals and gemstones. We then put them in the hands of the custom jewelry design team. These experts take gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious gems and masterfully fashion them together until they become a symphony of sparkle and sophistication.

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that jewelry this amazing is sold at an astronomical price, but that’s never the case at Pompeii3. We sell all of our jewelry to customers directly from the factory. By removing the middleman, we are able to sell handcrafted engagement rings, bridal sets, and other pieces of fine jewelry at affordable prices…all without cutting corners. Shop the collection of our new engagement rings today.

Pompeii3: The Bridal Jewelry Leader

If you feel nervous about making such an important purchase from an online retailer, let us put your mind at ease. Pompeii3 is a family-owned company that’s been in business here in the United States for over 100 years. We stake our reputation on providing the best quality jewelry at prices that simply can’t be beat. Add to that our industry-leading commitment to customer service, and you can be assured that you’ll always be treated fairly when you do business with Pompeii3.

Have questions? Contact us today so we can answer your questions about our new engagement rings.


What is the newest trend for engagement rings?

While the round Brilliant cut solitaire rings are still the top choice because of their timeless elegance, unique shapes, and colors are making a splash for couples who like alternative styles. You’ll see a lot of fancy diamonds in blue, yellow, and black, as well as unusual shapes, like marquise and heart, gaining popularity.

This collection will feature many of those most popular styles, as well as some of the more traditional choices.

How often do you add new engagement rings to the collection?

Because we design and craft our engagement rings in-house, it can be tough to tell when inspiration will strike. However, you can expect to see new additions to this collection at least on a monthly basis. You can also filter this collection by “Newest” to see exactly what we just added to the shop.

Do these styles ever go on sale?

We’re almost always running an amazing sale on all engagement rings and fine jewelry. Whether you love a halo design or a three-stone ring, you’ll see the original price and sale price automatically applied to the item.

How much should you spend on a new diamond ring?

Your budget for an engagement ring is an incredibly personal choice, and we would not presume to tell you how much you should spend. However, we have new engagement rings available at nearly every price point that balance carat, cut, clarity, and color so you can find the perfect style at a price you love. You can even find lab-grown diamond options for unmatched affordability.

Do these handcrafted engagement rings come with an appraisal?

Every engagement ring comes with a Grading Summary from the International Gemological Institute for free. However, if you want an appraisal for insurance purposes, we offer this service as an add-on for $39.99 per item. Add the appraisal to your cart as an upgrade and check out as usual. You’ll receive the paperwork in the mail with your ring.