The Smarter Diamond

The process is simple but the equipment and materials are sophisticated. Diamonds are made from a combination of heat, pressure, carbon, and time we have essentially created the same elements in a controlled Eco-friendly laboratory.

Graded Quality & Integrity

All Diamonds are graded by gemologists so you can trust the quality and integrity.

Eco Friendly & Affordable

EX3 Diamonds are more affordable and better for the environment since they are lab created.

100% Conflict Guaranteed Free

All Diamonds are graded by gemologists so you can trust the quality and integrity of EX3 Diamond.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our motivation to produce EX3 Diamonds was fueled by the quest to create the most brilliant perfectly cut diamond. Additional there has been an increase of “blood diamonds” in the market, and by creating EX3 diamonds we provided an economically friendly solution. EX3 created diamonds preserve the earth and environment which allows you to pass down these perfectly cut diamonds to the future generations. Our sparkling, perfectly cut, high quality, environmentally friendly conflict free approach to selling diamonds will become widespread and consist of 50% of the diamonds within five years.

Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry

Engagement Engagement

These vintage-styled pieces display a prominent center diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds. The halo effect created by the accent stones heightens the beauty of the center diamond.

Pendants Pendants

Blue diamonds are incredibly unique and rising in popularity. Surprise your fiance with a sparkling diamond reminiscent of the deep ocean or a cloudless sky.

Bracelets Bracelets

By offering lab grown diamond rings, we’re able to give you stunning diamonds at a fraction of the cost of mined stones.

Earrings Earrings

By offering lab grown diamond rings, we’re able to give you stunning diamonds at a fraction of the cost of mined stones.

Are These Real Diamonds?

EX3 Created Diamonds are real diamonds. They have the exact optical appearance, chemical composition, and physical properties as natural diamonds. The only difference is the origin and price. The technical term for EX3 created diamonds is chemical vapor deposition (CVD). GIA, the foremost trusted gemological laboratory, has begun certifying these diamonds to mediate the authenticity and value.

EX3 created diamonds are NOT imitation diamonds, do not confuse this product with CZ or moissanite. The process of making these diamonds is different but the end result is exactly the same. Carbon is compressed, vaporized, and laser cut. The diamond is then cut and faceted using the same equipment used for earth mined diamonds. The elements are exactly the same the only difference is the origin.

Are These Real Diamonds?
Responsible Source Certified

Responsibe Source Certified

This innovative SCS certification assures customers that you use recycled metals and gemstones, and actively avoid conflict metals and materials from questionable or illegal sources. It also demonstrates that you meet fundamental benchmarks of social and environmental accountability, including risk management throughout the supply chain. Workers are treated fairly according to international labor standards, and destructive environmental practices are avoided.

Choosing Your Perfect Diamond

At Pompeii3, we’re dedicated to combining the very best of classic standards in aesthetics and design with the very latest innovations in jewelry craftsmanship. We invite you to explore our unrivaled selection of lab grown diamond rings, or to reach out to our expert staff for assistance in designing a custom piece. We look forward to helping you find (or create) a stunning engagement ring to be cherished for a lifetime.

Browse All EX3
All EX3 Diamonds

Sparkling Lab Created Diamond Jewelry

If you’re looking for some of the most exquisite jewelry available at an excellent value, consider lab created diamond jewelry. They are made of the exact properties and composition as diamonds mined from the earth. Lab created diamonds are neither cubic zirconia or moissanite. The only difference difference between lab created diamonds and earth mined diamonds are their origin.

Earth-Friendly, Socially Responsible

Also, because EX3 Created Diamonds are born in a lab, they are 100% eco-friendly and conflict free. When you choose lab created diamonds, you can rest assured you’re making an ethical purchase. You’ll never have to worry about purchasing “blood diamonds,” as your diamonds will have been born in a controlled environment. Yet, despite their origin, they will sparkle and shine just like diamonds mined through natural means. In fact, our stones are graded by our gemologists using the most exacting standards, so you can be assured of their quality.

Pompeii3 has a variety of lab grown diamond rings, bracelets, lab grown diamond necklace pendants, and other beautiful pieces that showcase these superb diamonds. Because we handcraft all of our own pieces, you can rest assured that you’ll find the best pieces with the best diamonds at the best prices. In fact, we guarantee it! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your lab created diamond jewelry, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We also offer a free 180-day warranty on each piece as well.

When you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, you don’t have to settle. Stretch your budget by purchasing lab grown diamond jewelry, and you won’t regret it!

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