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Colored Diamonds

When you think of an engagement ring, you probably picture a colorless stone. But what is it about colored diamond rings that make us swoon? Of all the gorgeously hued stones available, blue diamonds are generally considered to be the rarest and most valuable. Blue diamonds fall into the “fancy color” diamond category, elevating an already special stone to a whole new level! 

Shades of Stunning Blue

Blue diamonds are both lab-created and found in nature, but finding them in nature can be quite the challenge — making them incredibly rare. Color is determined while the stone is being formed. The shades vary on the blue color spectrum from violet to grayish, to greenish, and finally to deep, rich blue. The intensity and the hue ultimately determine the value of a natural stone. Typically the richer the blue, the more expensive the stone. Lab-grown blue diamond engagement rings are actually white diamonds treated with heat, giving them their remarkable blue coloring. Other than how they get their color, lab-created stones are no different than natural stones and are less expensive to purchase.

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Blue diamonds are often associated with peace and devotion, representing faith and trust between two people. Breathtaking blue is a less traditional stone but nevertheless symbolic of love, the perfect choice for those looking for a ring as unique and special as their relationship.

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