Blue Diamond Bracelets

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There’s nothing quite like a sparkling diamond bracelet with sapphire accents. The delicate balance of crystal clear white diamonds set beside deep blue sapphires reminds us of mist over a calm sea.

Make this tranquility your own with our blue and white diamond bracelet collection. We carefully place our ethically-sourced diamonds and sapphires in prong settings for a gorgeously smooth look on every piece of jewelry we create.

Wear your bracelet as a daily accessory or save it for special occasions. Whenever you decide to clasp it around your wrist, we know you’ll love wearing your new bracelet.

Each of our diamond bracelets with sapphires is set in pure, 14K white gold. Gold in all its colors has long been a valuable precious metal. History even records it as having mystical powers. Today, its physical properties make it an unparalleled metal for use in fine jewelry.

About Tennis Bracelets

Do you know why these stunning pieces of jewelry are called “tennis bracelets?” The moniker comes from a tennis player named Chris Evert. She had a prolific tennis career from 1972 to 1989.

During one match in the U.S. Open, the clasp on her diamond bracelet snapped and it fell off. She famously asked the officials to pause the match until the bracelet could be found. Ever since jewelers began creating bracelets with inline diamonds and secure clasps and called them “tennis bracelets” in honor of that moment.

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Find the perfect diamond bracelet with sapphires for you with our unique collection. Every single one of our blue and white diamond bracelets is handcrafted and sold directly to you from our in-house jewelers.

We’re proud to offer 0% APR financing for qualified individuals, so browse our offerings and wear your new bracelet with confidence.