White Gold Engagement Rings

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Say “I Do” to White Gold

Currently the most popular metal for engagement rings, white gold is an elegant and versatile choice. A malleable metal, you can find tons of style options for women’s white gold engagement rings, ranging from vintage Victorian and Art Deco designs to sleek minimalist and modern creations. Whatever you’re looking for in an engagement ring, our white gold and diamond engagement ring collection could hold the key. Browse our unique inventory today to discover a stunning piece that speaks to you.

White Gold & Gemstones

Pompeii3 offers white gold in three different purities, including 10k, 14k, and 18k gold. Each level of white gold still provides you with the lustrous sheen of platinum, but with far more malleability to create intricate and delicate silhouettes. Consider classic white gold and diamonds for your engagement ring or browse alternative gemstone options that could highlight the cerulean hue of sapphires, the forest green of emeralds, and the canary yellow of citrine.

No matter which artfully-crafted women’s white gold engagement ring you choose, you can expect premium materials, design, and manufacturing from the team at Pompeii3.

Lab-Grown Alternatives

For those ethically and socially conscious shoppers out there, we offer even more options to suit your needs. Browse ethically sourced moissanite and lab-grown designs that are chemically and visually identical to mined diamonds – they just don’t take a million years to form under the crust of the Earth.

When you’re ready to check out, make sure to explore our financing services to guarantee that you can buy the perfect white gold engagement ring without worrying about the cost!