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Clearance Bracelets

From tennis bracelets to bangles, we have diamond bracelets on sale that are calling your name. Add a subtle yet classy bit of sparkle to any outfit when you shop our bracelets.

We use only the highest-quality diamonds for our jewelry. Every single, individual diamond is inspected and appraised by a certified gemologist and appraiser. Feel good about your purchase every time you slip on one of our bracelets.

A Diamond for Every Style

These diamond bracelets come in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit every aesthetic. Whether you favor a classically beautiful yellow gold or can’t get enough rose gold, we have the clearance diamond bracelets to match.

We’re also delighted to offer you diamond bracelets on sale in different colors. From black diamonds to blue, find affordable options with Pompeii3. Some of our bracelets even come alternating with gemstones. Surprise someone with their birthday gem and give them a gift they’ll never want to take off.

Shop our collection of bangles, twist bracelets, and tennis bracelets to find your new favorite piece of jewelry. Wear it for special occasions or as an everyday piece. Buy one to enhance your own personal collection or to give as a thoughtful gift.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Everyone benefits from having a sparkling diamond bracelet in their jewelry box. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you our diamond bracelets on sale. Experience heirloom quality at prices that won’t stretch your budget to the breaking point.

Don’t wait! Once these sale items are gone, they’re gone forever. Shop now and receive free shipping on all orders.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Why do diamond bracelets go on sale?

Usually, we run diamond bracelet clearance events when we want to make room for new inventory. Since we design and manufacture all our fine jewelry in-house, it’s up to us when to add new items to our online store. When inspiration strikes and we create several fresh styles, we’ll run a sale to clear our digital shelves.

We also have diamond bracelets on sale during traditional seasonal events. You’ll find amazing deals in the fall when people are hunting down the best prices for holiday gifts.

When are diamonds the cheapest?

As we mentioned previously, there is some seasonality when shopping for jewelry. Valentine’s Day and Christmas are big events for us, and we strive to make our jewelry as affordable as possible for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and engagements.

If you’re looking for the most affordable gemstone options, we would recommend exploring lab-grown diamonds.

What’s the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds?

There’s almost no difference visually. Only a jeweler with specialized tools can tell which is a natural gemstone and which isn’t. The main difference between lab-grown and natural stones is the inherent market value. Natural diamonds will hold their value, while lab-grown stones won’t as much.

What types of bracelets are most popular?

For women, we typically see a lot of demand for tennis bracelet styles. This type of bracelet is formed from a single line of gemstones that are all identical in color, size, cut, and clarity. The stones are then set in gold or platinum with prong settings that maximize their sparkle.

Chains are the most popular choice for men's bracelets. However, in recent years, we’ve seen an evolution from plain chains to flooded chains with diamonds inset along the entire surface. These tiny stones add weight, sparkle, and texture that make a piece more unique and interesting.

Both of these styles, and many more, are usually available in our collection of diamond bracelets on sale.