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Ring Guard Wedding Bands

For those seeking beautiful, unique variations on classic wedding rings, our collection of ring guard wedding bands is the perfect place to begin your search. We offer an unrivaled selection of stunning ring enhancer designs, including some of the top styles for women. Whether you’re looking for a simple and sophisticated addition or breathtakingly bold detailing, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in our selection of wedding band enhancers.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

As an enduring symbol of your love, wedding and anniversary rings are meant to be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime. This means choosing a ring guard band of striking overall visual impact and a sense of exquisite craftsmanship right down to the details. Elegant ring enhancer wedding bands offer the perfect way to add a unique finishing touch to a traditional engagement ring or make an unforgettable statement with the most dramatic rings in your collection.

Find Your Ideal Ring

Our one-of-a-kind collection of wedding band enhancer styles includes gracefully notched curves with high-quality pave diamonds, subtly curved styles that are ideal for stacking, and gorgeous flourishes for an added touch of brilliance and allure. We invite you to peruse our entire selection of ring guard wedding bands to discover your perfect piece.


A ring enhancer wedding band is a more unusual choice for your set. Learn more about the most common questions here.

Is a guard ring removable?

Yes! Whether you choose a double-banded insert guard ring or a single curved guard ring, your engagement ring simply slides into place and can be removed like a regular wedding band. Some people choose to make the match permanent and take their set to a jeweler for welding.

What are the benefits of this type of wedding band enhancer?

A guard ring is meant to support and protect your engagement ring so it doesn’t slip or twist on your finger. This type of wedding band can also add more beauty, drama, and detail to your set so your finger sparkles even brighter!

Can ring guards damage your engagement ring?

No, this type of wedding band should not damage your engagement ring. However, please keep in mind that stacking rings can cause some light scratching due to the multiple rings rubbing against each other. A wedding band guard ring is designed to frame and support even the most unique engagement rings, and it’s often made of the same materials. At Pompeii3, you’ll see several different metal types when customizing your band.

Can you use a guard ring as an engagement ring?

The answer to this question depends on your personal style. While a double guard band where you insert your engagement ring between the two pieces may look like something is missing, our single band rings are a great choice for anyone who prefers subtle, delicate jewelry for their engagement ring.