Black & White Diamonds

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Black and White Diamond Necklaces

In the world of fine fashion jewelry, there are very few pieces as elegant as black and white diamond necklaces. The contrast between the fire of the white diamonds and the mysterious black stones is almost transfixing. If you’re looking for amazing diamond pendants, this style has to be on your short list!

Get the Fine Jewelry Pendants that Fit Your Taste

One of the strengths of the black and white diamond pendant is its versatility. You can easily find pieces to fit your style or mood. At Pompeii3, we’ve got plenty of choices, including:

  • Solitaires: A single black diamond surrounded by smaller white diamonds creates an absolutely striking visual.
  • Three Stone Pendants: Each stone represents part of your past, present, and future. When you take this classic style and add black diamonds to the mix, you get a look as unique as you are.
  • Vintage Style: We offer several pieces with larger black diamonds and smaller pave white diamonds, creating a vintage look that will surely become an heirloom piece as the years go by.

Shop the Best Fine Jewelry Pendants at Pompeii3

No matter what black and white diamond necklace you choose, you’ll want to make sure you choose it from Pompeii3. We’ve been handcrafting our pieces for a century right here in the United States. When you get a black and white diamond pendant from Pompeii3, you’re getting quality, craftsmanship, and style all in the same piece. Make your selection at Pompeii3 today, and receive free shipping.