Black Diamonds

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A Unique Beauty

You’ve seen tennis bracelets before, but not like this. Black diamonds are striking, dramatic, and breathtaking. The sparkle of a clear diamond becomes almost inverted yet shines bright. Our black and white diamond bracelets are guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations.

Black diamonds are extremely rare and have recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Take part in this style trend with our bracelet offerings. Wear them for a sharp contrast with a white evening dress or pair them with a matching black diamond ring. Finish your look with a tasteful pair of studs and you’ll be ready for every occasion.

Heirloom Quality

Our black diamond bracelets are not only rare, they’re durable and versatile. At Pompeii3, we pride ourselves on providing you with jewelry that lasts lifetimes. With proper care, you can hand our bracelets down for years.

We handcraft every single piece of jewelry we make to ensure the highest attention to detail. Each diamond is carefully and securely placed in a prong setting. We seal the bracelet with a double-locking clasp for ultimate security. When you purchase a black and white diamond bracelet from us, you’re not only getting a stunning piece of jewelry, you’re getting all the care and attention we poured into it.

Plus, every single diamond in our black diamond bracelet collection is ethically sourced. Feel good about your jewelry every time you wear it.

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Whether you choose a daring solid black or a classy black-and-white alternating pattern, you’re sure to love our bracelets. Shop now and receive free shipping on your order, plus a 180-day warranty.

If you have any questions about our jewelry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always delighted to help answer any questions you may have.