Popular Styles

From our popular round real diamond stud earrings to more unique square silhouettes that feature platinum and yellow gold elements, you will find exceptional quality in our most popular pieces.

Black Round Diamonds Black Round Diamonds

Black diamond studs prong set in white gold are classic and sleek. Whether you're going out or staying in, these real diamond stud earrings are always a go-to choice.

Blue Round Diamonds Blue Round Diamonds

Blue diamond studs are an elegant take on a classic jewelry item. Give the gift of real stud earrings in rich blue hues to your loved one!

White Round Diamonds White Round Diamonds

The classic choice for real diamond earrings is white round stones set in white gold. They’re subtle enough to wear anywhere but have a big sparkle that highlights your style.

White Square Diamonds White Square Diamonds

Our favorite contemporary twist on real diamond stud earrings: the square stone. These are a subtle way to elevate your go-to look with unique style.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Make her dreams come true with Pompeii3’s lab-grown diamond earrings. Indistinguishable from mined stones, these lab-created pieces are real diamond earrings that provide environmentally and socially conscious sparkle and shine.

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Enhanced Diamonds

There’s nothing quite like a pair of enhanced diamond earrings. We ensure these stones provide stunning visual appeal with something a little extra through a unique treatment process. Explore clarity-enhanced diamond studs today!

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Enhanced Diamonds


What is the difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds? 

To the naked eye, nothing! However, the main difference is that lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab and are human-designed, while natural diamonds are mined from the earth. The main difference you’ll see and appreciate is the savings since lab-made diamonds are often much more cost-effective but just as beautiful. Shop our lab-grown diamond earrings and real stud earrings today.

Can I change the stone in a pair of real diamond earrings I want to buy?

Sure, and you can modify or customize your purchase in other ways as well, such as changing the diamond color of your real diamond stud earrings to one of your preferences or even choosing a different metal. Just let our friendly associates know, and we’ll get you started on your selection!

If I have a deadline for a proposal or other special occasion, can you rush ship?

We do offer rushed shipping for our customers for an added fee. Keep in mind that any custom pieces you have created will have a longer prep and shipping time than items we have in stock already.

Can I do a payment plan for larger purchases?

We do offer a selection of financing options for our approved customers. This allows you to buy the items you want without worrying about your budget. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team!