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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are classically elegant and can be dressed up or down. Gift diamond studs as a first or upgrade to any jewelry collection.

Black Round Diamonds

Round diamond studs are the most popular of all the diamond stud shapes. Round diamond studs are available in all styles of settings, martini diamond studs, bezel diamond studs, basket diamond studs, classic prong diamond studs. Any prong style setting will show the diamond of the best and secure the diamonds for a lifetime. The second most popular diamond stud would be princess cut diamond studs. The square shape diamonds have prongs fastened on each corner, this is commonly done to accent the diamond shape and prevent for any chipping or breakage.

Pompeii3 offers black diamond studs, blue diamond studs, and white diamond studs in a variety of qualities , sizes, and settings. Black diamonds are edgy, affordable, and fashion forward. Black diamonds have been commonly seen on reality shows and seen being sported by celebrities. Black diamond studs have been very popular the last four years.

Diamond studs are the best choice for you or your loved one. This staple always looks great! Our round brilliant cut diamond studs are the best and offered in all colors blue and black. You also have the option to have certified and screw back to any pair. Diamond studs are the most popular gift item around the holidays. 1.00ct is the most popular size but we also find 1/2ct diamond studs to look very nice. These range from $179 up to $1500.

Blue diamond studs are cool and have more sparkle and brilliance than black diamond studs. Our blue diamonds have an ocean blue color sure to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. This calming color is fashionable and trendy. Blue diamonds studs are different and perfect for someone who likes unique jewelry prefers not to have white diamond studs.

White diamond studs are by far the most popular and look the best. Our most popular diamond stud size would be ½ carat and 1.00 carat. All diamonds are round brilliant cut and available in I2-I3 clarity, SI clarity, and VS clarity. VS clarity would be the most sparkly but also the most expensive. Diamond studs don’t have to be the best quality like an engagement ring, we recommend the I2-I3 clarity this will give you the most bang for your buck. Add some sparkle to your ear with a stunning pair of cheap diamond studs from Pompeii3. Shop the source and save! generally make it confusing for a reason, at we lay the cards out for you. Compare apples to apples and you will see how cheap and affordable our diamond engagement rings are. Whether your looking for an heirloom wow piece, classic style engagement ring, promise ring, or 3 stone diamond engagement ring you're guaranteed to find it in our huge selection with crazy low prices. Don't let the prices confuse you our quality standards are high and must pass three control check departments. Each diamond engagement ring is individually checked before shipping. We understand how special this moment is in your life and want to ensure every aspect of the ring are perfect just like the loved one in your life! Pompeii3 has affordable quality diamond ring options, allow your style and individuality to help pick the perfect ring.

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