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Three Stone

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape found in bridal jewelry. Always in style and perfect the classic womens, solitaire diamond engagement ring. The solitaire engagement ring style is as traditional as, and timeless as it gets. The round brilliant cut diamond is a work of art that has been mastered over the years to have the most sparkle and brilliance of any other shape. Round brilliant cut solitaire engagement rings emphasis is on the diamond and has nothing else to take away from the beauty and brilliance of the main diamond.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are bold and traditional. If you’re looking for a simplistic engagement ring than a solitaire style is hands down the best ring style for you. The solitaire four or six prong style sits at an ideal seven millimeters above the shank to all for maximum sparkle and brilliance. The solitaire engagement ring is a masterpiece made to show of a diamond better than any other setting. The craftsman ship and diamond faceting Pompeii3’s jewelers put into each piece will stand above the rest. All of our solitaire diamond engagement rings have very good cutting so they will have the most shine and fire.

Princess cut diamond is the second most popular style and uniquely different than the round brilliant cut. Princess cut diamonds are square and have hard edges, this shape is perfect for someone that is looking for something a little different than the basic round brilliant cut. This shape is unique it can go with both casual or formal outfits. Our solitaire diamond engagement rings are set in solid platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and or palladium. Pompeii3 has a large selection that you can surprise the loved one in your life.

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring can be tough and confusing. Jewelry stores generally make it confusing for a reason, at we lay the cards out for you. Compare apples to apples and you will see how cheap and affordable our diamond engagement rings are. Whether your looking for an heirloom wow piece, classic style engagement ring, promise ring, or 3 stone diamond engagement ring you're guaranteed to find it in our huge selection with crazy low prices. Don't let the prices confuse you our quality standards are high and must pass three control check departments. Each diamond engagement ring is individually checked before shipping. We understand how special this moment is in your life and want to ensure every aspect of the ring are perfect just like the loved one in your life! Pompeii3 has affordable quality diamond ring options, allow your style and individuality to help pick the perfect ring.

Multi-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Pompeii3 specializes in bridal diamond engagement rings. Antique vintage designs with filigree accents, and the ever so popular halo styles. Our multi stone category includes black diamond, blue diamond, and classic white diamond engagement rings. Our creative and unique diamond rings are sure to dazzle your loved one. Express the sign of love and commitment with an ring and quality that would cost MUCH more anywhere else. Our designs are hand crafted in Libertyville, IL by skilled jewelers that have been making jewelry for over 30 years. Our diamond engagement rings styles range from antique heirloom, to contemporary and modern. Everyone is unique and different and that is exactly how their diamond engagement ring should be.

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