​12 Mistakes Guys Make When Buying an Engagement Ring

​12 Mistakes Guys Make When Buying an Engagement Ring

Posted by Danielle Morris on Aug 27, 2018

12 Mistakes Guys Make When Buying an Engagement Ring

The sparkle in her eyes may let you know that she's yours, but it's the matching sparkle on THAT finger, that lets the world know that she's happily taken! Like a successful marriage, the perfect engagement ring must also stand the test of time. No matter how many decades and fashion styles go by, the right ring will never lose its sparkle.

Being expected to invest in such a long-lasting item may seem like a daunting task, especially when the purchasers are guys who have barely ever stepped inside a jewelry store. Whether you’re worried about the engagement ring financing or finding the ring of her dreams, there’s no shame in asking for some help. So, to help you guys make the best possible choice here's a list of the twelve common mistakes guys make when buying an engagement ring:

1-They don’t consider her tastes

You wouldn't dare buy a house blindfolded or trust your friend to buy your dream car for you, then why the lack of consideration for your partner's tastes? Especially when she is the one who will be wearing it, for the rest of her life! Though you may be the one who is making the purchase here, it is necessary to put your preferences aside, otherwise you may end up with a fiancée, albeit an unhappy one.

The key here is to be aware of her tastes, go through her jewelry box, any hints she may have made of her dislikes, ask her friends, etc. so you know exactly what to look for when you enter the store.

2-They don’t spend enough time searching:

Though you may feel like a fish out of water in the world of engagement ring financing and purchasing, it is necessary that you stand your ground and search as far and wide as possible. The key motivation here should be that though this may feel like an arduous task, you must not lose sight of the fact that she will be wearing this ring for all eternity and your girl is worth the extra effort. We suggest you spend at least a month browsing through as many stores, including online ones, as possible.

3-They try to play the guessing game

In today’s economy, financing engagement rings is undoubtedly a laborious task. So why not save yourself from the excessive expenditure and the hassle of getting the ring resized or altered when you can get it right on the first try by simply sneakily borrowing a ring of hers or asking around from her friends what her ring size is! So, make sure her size and taste are just as high on the priority list for you as the proposal plan or how to finance an engagement ring.

4-They spoil the surprise

The surprise element of a proposal is just as key to making it memorable as the setting of the proposal, so don't be careless enough to leave your tracks in the snow that could lead you to get caught red-handed. We suggest only confiding in friends whose secrecy you are sure of. When browsing online stores, if the two of you share the same devices then make sure you use incognito mode and disable cookies.

Otherwise, these collected cookies are bound to generate engagement ring advertisements, next time someone uses the same device, and this will undoubtedly spoil the surprise. Additionally, try to pay for the ring from a personal card or ask a friend to help out, this way you can avoid leaving a paper trail behind.

5-They neglect to talk to experts

The world is full of scams, and the jewelry industry is no exception. To the layman, all that glitters is gold (or diamond), but one with experience in the field is never fooled by sparkle and can always tell the real ones from the fake. Considering how much effort and cash goes into financing engagement rings, we highly suggest you take along an expert or an expert’s opinion when undertaking this enchanting journey.

6-They don’t budget well

Figuring out how to finance an engagement ring is equally as important as knowing which ring to buy. For starters, we suggest setting a budget and trying your best to remain within it. If by chance the ring of your choice happens to be out of your budget or if your current budget isn’t enough to finance an engagement ring then online financing options such as those provided by are the way to go.

With easy and affordable monthly financing programs like these, not only can you relieve yourself of the burden of engagement ring financing but also get the perfect ring without breaking the bank.

7-They forget to plan the proposal

Having an engagement ring, and ideally, the perfect one is no doubt the most important part of the proposal. But in all the fuss and chaos of searching, selecting and financing the ideal engagement ring don't also forget to put in some thought into the proposal itself. The clothes you wear, the location you choose, the words you say, though they may seem insignificant when compared to the ring itself, they will help you make your proposal a memory to cherish forever.

8-They don’t ask for a return/exchange policy

All your collected information and advice about the perfect ring may look great on paper, but considering the multifactorial nature of beauty, one never knows if the ideal ring on paper will also translate well on to your girl's hand.

So, the best approach to resolving this issue and taking the anxiety out of making such an eternally binding choice is to shop at stores that allow you to return or exchange the ring if necessary easily. Additionally, make sure you subscribe to a sustainable engagement ring financing model such as that provided by which has no prepayment penalties.

9-They forget to consider practicality

A magnificent, clean cut diamond engagement ring may look enchanting but are you sure that it will also be a practical choice for your partner’s lifestyle? The ideal ring should not only be appealing to the eyes and according to her tastes but also be compatible enough with her day to day life to allow her to proudly flaunt it without letting the ring interfere with her work. If her job requires gloves, then the ring ideally shouldn't be so sharp to keep cutting through them, or if her work requires manual labor then the ring should be able to withstand the wear and tear, and so on. Practicality is key!

10- They underestimate the scope of choice

When thinking of an engagement ring, most guys conjure up the image of the traditional rings that they have seen on films and tv throughout most of their lives, and in doing so, they limit themselves to a few options while ignoring the thousands more that could make their ring more unique and personalized. Does she prefer oval or round? Black or white diamond? Silver or gold? Online searches are a great way to grasp the diversity of engagement ring styles fully, a great resource for this is where you can efficiently browse through a catalog of engagement rings and purchase one via affordable monthly installments.

11- They trust others blindly

It is undoubtedly important and highly recommended that you consider the opinions of friends and family when purchasing the engagement ring. Similarly, know that the salesperson and jewelers do know what they are talking about when they make some suggestions or discourage a certain choice you are making.

So, make sure that you do lend an ear to their advice, but under no condition should you resort to listening to their opinions blindly because at the end of the day, you are the one who knows your partner best and you should be confident in your choice.

Additionally, certain people may try to take advantage of your lack of experience in this field, so if you're not careful, then you may end up paying more than you should've or getting talked into buying something that isn't worth your money.

12- They stick to big names only

It is understandable for guys to opt to shop at the famous brands, after all, they carry a brand name, credibility, and ease to them. However, doing so may limit your options, force you to buy a mass-produced ring design that will not be unique whatsoever and may be costlier than some other smaller brands. So, if you have the time, then put some time into research and keep your search list as long and diverse as possible so you can make the best possible choice.

Guys, we understand what a life-changing and nerve-wracking decision an engagement may be for you, but if you do your research and learn from the most common mistakes then your choice will lead to a happily ever after!