Opal Jewelry

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Fine Opal Jewelry

Opal is one of the most unique and alluring gemstones you can find. Its milky white color, coupled with flashes of other hues, make it one of the most tantalizing options for those who are looking for fine opal jewelry with true character.

Unique Jewelry Befitting a Unique Gemstone

At Pompeii3, we offer beautiful fine fashion jewelry made to accentuate the distinctive characteristics of the opal. We carry opal diamond rings and pendants, each crafted to make the exceptional nature of the gemstone stand out.

Each piece of opal gemstone jewelry we design is paired with white gold. This allows the subtle attributes of the opal to take center stage. Our fine opal jewelry also features fine quality diamonds as accents, adding even more sparkle and shine to your piece.

Opal Jewelry from Pompeii3

When you purchase opal diamond rings and pendants from Pompeii3, you’re not simply purchasing a piece of jewelry. You become part of the Pompeii3 family. We’ve been creating unique jewelry of the finest quality here in the United States for 100 years. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our opal pieces are covered by our free 180-day warranty, as well as our 30-day return policy, which is designed to give you complete peace of mind. If you have questions, contact us today so we can help you find the piece of fine opal jewelry you’ve been dreaming of!