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Initial Necklaces

If you love personalized jewelry, then the diamond initial necklaces from Pompeii3 could be the perfect pieces for you. Our diamond initial pendants offer you the chance to adorn your neck with a piece that’s unique to you. Each letter is designed in a delicate, highly stylized font and studded with genuine gemstones to ensure it sparkles and shines from every angle. Whether you’re buying a necklace for yourself or you’re hunting down a gift for a loved one, our initial necklaces deliver the quality and beauty you deserve.

Our Selection

Our selection of diamond initial necklaces includes nearly every letter of the alphabet. You’ll find all our diamond initial pendants are designed in 14K white gold with channel set diamond accents scattered throughout each letter. You’ll find that the diamond carat, clarity, cut, and color is available in the description to ensure you know what to expect from the necklace's quality and look.

If you want to preserve your necklace for decades to come, consider upgrading your order with an extended warranty and appraisal.

Genuine Diamond Necklaces

At Pompeii3, we’ve made it part of our mission to increase accessibility to fine jewelry for people all over the world. While we design stunning engagement rings and jewelry with mined diamonds and gemstones, we’re also on the cutting edge of lab-grown diamonds. These stones are identical to mined diamonds but don’t require harmful environmental practices or unethical labor for their creation. Shop our diamond initial necklaces today!