The Forever Ring: Choosing the Cut and Shape of Your Engagement Diamond

The Forever Ring: Choosing the Cut and Shape of Your Engagement Diamond

Posted by Pompeii3 on Feb 20, 2019

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As you consider the possibility of an upcoming engagement, your mind likely begins to spin as you think about the type of  engagement ring you’d prefer. There are so many options, and it’s especially easy to be indecisive when you begin to think about choosing a diamond cut. What shape makes the best engagement diamond?

If you’re stressing about how to  choose a diamond...don’t! There’s no right or wrong answer to which diamond cut is best. It is totally a matter of personal tastes and preference. However, it’s hard to narrow down the field when you don’t know all the choices available to you. Most women are familiar with the round brilliant and princess cuts but aren’t aware of the many other cuts and shapes available for them to choose from.

Pompeii3 carries a wide variety of engagement ring diamonds in all types of awe-inspiring shapes and sizes. Consider some of these unique stone shapes when choosing a diamond cut, especially when  designing your own custom engagement ring.

Round Brilliant Cut

round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

The most popular cut is the  round brilliant. It’s traditional, classic, and arguably showcases the fire and scintillation of the diamond like no other shape. As the light bounces off the round brilliant’s 57 or 58 perfectly chiseled facets, the light reflects directly back to your eye in a remarkable display of light and color. It’s breathtaking. Slip a beautiful round brilliant solitaire on your finger, and you’ll immediately understand the appeal.

Although the round brilliant cut is the most popular engagement diamond cut, it also is typically the most expensive. The reason for this has to do with how the diamond is shaped. A gemcutter must start with a larger diamond and cut a significant portion of it away to sculpt it into a masterpiece. But trust us, the finished product is definitely worth the slightly higher price point!

Princess Cut

princess cut diamond engagement ring

Another popular option is the  princess cut. This striking shape averages 76 facets, and it has many devoted fans who love the fire that it offers as the diamond turns in the light. In fact, some women even feel that the princess cut diamond offers more shine and sparkle than the round brilliant due to the additional facets.

If you’re considering the princess cut, there are several things to take into account. For instance, when comparing a round cut and princess cut diamond that are of equal carat weight, color, and clarity, the princess cut diamond will usually be the more affordable. This is due to the differing methods of how they are cut, and that there is less diamond “waste” when a gemcutter fashions it. Some women also feel the princess cut is a less traditional, more modern shape. This could either be a positive or negative depending on your sensibilities and tastes in choosing a diamond cut.

Emerald Cut

single emerald cut diamond ring set in rose gold

The  emerald cut is a unique, rectangular engagement diamond shape. Its facets are distinctive because they look like a set of stairs inside the diamond, creating a mesmerizing effect. These are also special in the sense that only 3% of diamonds are cut into the emerald shape.

Many women love the emerald cut diamond due to it’s long, sleek appearance. On the hand, it makes the fingers look more slender. Also, women appreciate that the diamond has more surface area than other cuts, meaning there diamond will look larger than other diamonds of equal carat weight. One negative about the emerald cut: some wearers feel that, due to the shape and positioning of the facets, this engagement diamond cut is duller and has less sparkle than other popular cuts.

Marquise Cut

marquise cut diamond engagement ring

The  marquise cut is one of the more unique shapes for diamonds. This diamond cut is shaped like an oval with pointed ends. To some, it’s reminiscent of the shape of a boat or a football. However you look at a marquise cut, it’s 58 facets are perfectly positioned for brilliance.

Like the emerald cut, many wearers feel that the elongated shape is very slimming to the fingers when worn. One commonly reported issue with the marquise cut is called the “bow tie effect.” When a marquise cut diamond has been fashioned improperly, a dark, shadowy region resembling the shape of a bow tie can be seen in the middle of the ring. Consider this when looking at marquise engagement diamonds.

Other Popular Cuts

cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Are these the only four shapes? Absolutely not! There are almost as many diamond shapes as the imagination allows. Here’s a sampling of some other jaw-dropping cuts you should consider.

  • Cushion cut: Resembling a pillow, it’s a combination of the round and princess cuts. A cushion cut diamond (featured in the image directly above) will feature a square shape with rounded corners.
  • Pear cut: The pear cut (featured in the image below) looks much like the shape of a pear, with one broad rounded side and another rounded side that is more narrow.
  • Oval cut: The name says it all! The oval cut has a large surface area and two rounded ends.

How to Choose a Diamond Cut

teardrop-shaped diamond engagement ring

With so many options, choosing a diamond cut can seem difficult. However, take some time to browse your different options, considering not just the shape of the solitaire, but the overall ring itself. As you begin to look at your options, you’ll find that one or two different styles will begin to pique your interest. Remember: there’s no correct answer to this question. Choose the engagement diamond cut that you don’t mind longingly gazing at for the rest of your life!

Once you’ve figured out how to choose a diamond cut, you’ll need to decide where to get that diamond from. Here at Pompeii3, we offer a wide selection of gorgeous diamonds that you’ll absolutely love. Whether you’re looking for engagement rings,  wedding rings, or even stunning bridal sets, we have exactly what you’re looking for at an unbeatable price.

Contact us today. We want to help you choose a diamond you’ll love for a lifetime!