Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What Are These Scintillating Stones?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine mined diamonds that once featured small inclusions or other imperfections.

Modern technology allows certain inclusions to be treated and concealed, making them no longer visible. This treatment is similar to having a scratched window repaired. Instead of replacing the entire window, the repairmen just fills in the mark. The process for perfecting the diamonds used in clarity engagement rings is very similar.

During this procedure, we inject a tiny amount of diamond crystal into the diamond’s feathers, which makes natural imperfections invisible (this does not affect the diamond’s weight).

We then remove inclusions by tunneling into the enhanced diamond using a microscopic laser beam. This method is great because it aids in eliminating discoloration or specks in the stone.

How Durable Is This? Do These Stones Require Special Care?

It’s important to note that neither the fracture fill nor the laser drilling will weaken the diamond. Generally speaking, enhanced stones do not require special care, and they are not necessarily more prone to scratching or chipping. The only way that the fracture filling can come out is with extreme heat. Normal at-home or jewelry store cleaning solutions are perfectly fine and will not affect the diamond or treatment.

Can You Tell That the Stone is Enhanced?

No. Trained gemologists are the only ones who are able to accurately identify enhanced diamonds.

Why Choose a Clarity Enhanced Engagement Ring?

If you are working within a budget and still would like a larger, high-quality stone, this is a great way to go.

What If Something Happens to My Diamond?

At Pompeii3, we have you covered! We offer a nontransferable lifetime guarantee on every single one of our clarity enhanced diamonds. For example, should normal wear cause the enhancement to come out or the stone to break, we will replace your diamond for free. Acts of God or abnormal wear will not be covered.

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