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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds mined the same as any other genuine diamond. This is not an imitation mossanite or lab-grown diamond.

Modern technology developed and has allowed certain inclusions to be treated and concealed making them no longer visible. This treatment is similar to having a scratched window repaired, instead of replacing the entire window, the repairmen would just fill the mark. The enhancement process is the same idea.

The inclusions are removed with a small microscopic laser. A tiny beam is tunneled into the stone removing inclusions, this method is great because it aids in eliminating discoloration or specks in the diamond. Another aspect of our clarity enhancement is fracture filling, this procedure injects a tiny amount of diamond crystal into the diamonds feathers which makes natural imperfections invisible (this does not affect the diamonds weight).

How durable is this? Does it require special care?

The enhancement process, fracture filled or laser drilling will not weaken the diamond nor will it cause the diamond to be susceptible to scratches or chips. Generally speaking, enhanced stones do not require special care. The only way the fracture filling can come out is with extreme heat. Normal at home or jewelry store cleaning solutions are perfectly fine and will not affect the diamond or treatment.

Can you tell it’s enhanced?

Only a trained gemologist will be able to detect this is a clarity enhanced diamond.

Why clarity enhanced?

If you are working with a budget and still would like a decent sized stone in a nice quality, this is a great way to go. It’s a way to get a higher quality diamond for a lower price.

What if something happens to my diamond?

We got you covered! Our clarity enhanced diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee of owning the stone (this is nontransferable). If diamond breaks or the enhancement comes out during normal wear, we will replace it. Acts of God or abnormal wear will not be covered.

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