Black Diamond Stud Earrings

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Stunning Black Diamonds

As the popularity of colored diamonds and alternative gemstones grows, some people can’t get enough of one hue in particular — black! At Pompeii3, we know what you love, so we’ve added a large selection of black diamond earrings to our digital shelves. Anyone shopping for black diamond studs, specifically, will fall in love with our collection of shapes, settings, and sizes. Explore what we have to offer today to create the perfect piece for your everyday fine jewelry collection!

How It Works

All of our black diamond stud earrings are available in multiple settings and carat sizes. You’ll see that each stone comes in a round Brilliant cut to maximize its reflective capabilities. As you shop, first, choose the setting you prefer and then explore the available carat sizes for that setting to design your black diamond earrings with a click of a button. Our current setting selection includes:

  • Four-Prong Round Basket
  • Four-Prong Round Classic
  • Round Bezel
  • Three-Prong Round Martini

Most of our setting options have stone varieties that range between 0.2 carats to 4 carats. Carat size availability will depend on your setting preference. Some earrings are only available in up to 2 carats.

Making Your Choice

Once you choose a setting and click on the carat size, you’ll see a few other options available to you. We offer black diamond earrings in both yellow and white gold, and you may also want to upgrade your purchase with a screw-back earring and nut upgrade, as well as an appraisal and extended warranty.

For any questions about our stud earrings, please contact us for personalized assistance.