Black Diamond Wedding Rings

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A Distinctive Option

If you’re someone who prefers alternative gemstones for their jewelry, a black diamond wedding ring is a dramatic choice that still offers the durability and beauty of a diamond. At Pompeii3, we have a unique selection of black diamond wedding bands and rings to ensure everyone can find something that matches their aesthetic. If you’re looking for a ring with distinctive flair, the black diamond option may be the perfect piece for you! Learn more about our black diamond anniversary rings, wedding bands, and more here.

What Are Black Diamonds?

While many people assume diamonds only come in white, there are actually a variety of diamond hues, including blue, yellow, pink, and black. Black diamond wedding rings are in a class of their own, however, as they’re completely opaque — meaning they don’t refract light and sparkle brightly on your finger. There are two styles of black diamond; those that are heat treated to create this deep hue and those that occur naturally due to graphite inclusions in the stone. Both types come in a range of midnight hues, from grey to pitch.

Why Black Diamonds?

On a physical level, black diamond wedding bands and rings are just as durable as standard diamond varieties, making them ideal for everyday wear. In addition, many people believe they also have a unique spiritual characteristic that provides strength, courage, and empowerment for the wearer.

Whether you believe in their physical strength or their spiritual one, black diamond wedding rings are a sophisticated choice for the modern jewelry lover. Make them your preferred choice when you shop our selection of black diamond anniversary rings and more here.