Autumn Jewelry You’ll Fall For

Autumn Jewelry You’ll Fall For

Oct 7, 2020

woman with sweater and coffee

When most people think of fall, they think of all the traditional favorites: sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and apple picking (to name a few!). Yet, you may not as readily think of gemstones like citrine, green peridot, and opal. But at Pompeii3, we think some of these beautiful stones should become as much a part of your autumnal wardrobe as your favorite cardigan!

We asked some of our team here at Pompeii3 about the autumn jewelry they’re most excited about. Here are some of their top picks!

Opal Jewelry

citrine white gold pendant
1/2ct Pear Shape Opal & Diamond Halo Ring 14K White Gold (G/H, I1-I2) - $347.19

The opal may be one of the most intriguing and mysterious of all gemstones. It typically has a milky white appearance, yet each has a unique rainbow striation that changes dramatically depending on how the stone reacts to the light that’s shining on it. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind gemstone!

For those who have October birthdays, opal jewelry makes a gift that’s both timely and lovely. As the official birthstone of the month, it’s a perfect way to mark the special occasion. Also, because of the unique luminescent qualities of opal, it’s one of the few types of autumn jewelry that will match perfectly with whatever fall outfit you’re wearing.

Citrine Jewelry

peridot green earrings
1 3/4ct Oval Citrine & Genuine Diamond Halo Pendant 14K White Gold (G/H, I1) - $333.68

Citrine is a semiprecious stone that comes in vibrant yellow and orange hues. Of course, these colors are perfect to accentuate your chilly-weather wardrobe. An additional bonus? Citrine is the birthstone of the month of November, making it an even more fitting choice for fall!

Citrine jewelry at Pompeii3 comes in a variety of pieces, such as earrings, pendants, and fashion rings. We’re partial to citrine set into white gold, which really shows off the vivid orange-yellow tone of the stone. However, it’s hard to argue with the combination of citrine and yellow gold. The pairing is the perfect palette for autumn jewelry

Green Peridot Jewelry

white gold opal ring
5/8ct Halo Diamond Peridot Studs 14K White Gold (G/H, I1)- $249.99

When most people think of green gemstones, they think of emeralds. However, we simply can’t ignore green peridot, which has an allure all its own. Peridot stones can range from light green to dark olive green. They’ve been prized as far back at the early Egyptian empire, and are still popular today.

At Pompeii3, we carry a wide array of green peridot jewelry. If you’re looking for fun accent pieces for fall, or Halloween in particular, look for a pair of green peridot earrings. These fun, whimsical autumn jewelry pieces perfectly capture the season.

Unique Gemstone Jewelry from Pompeii3

When you’re looking to add some pieces of jewelry to your fall wardrobe, look no further than Pompeii3. Our high-quality jewelry is affordably priced, meaning you can pick up a piece...or three! Without the overhead of typical brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, we’re able to sell directly to our customers at a much lower price—all while offering superior customer service!

Have questions about our autumn jewelry selections? Contact us today, and our team will be glad to assist you.