Dazzling Christmas Jewelry Gifts Under $300

Dazzling Christmas Jewelry Gifts Under $300

Sep 1, 2023


Holiday Jewelry Gifts

Starting your Christmas shopping early is the mark of a good planner who has plenty of time to find thoughtful gifts for everyone on their list. If you’re looking for fine jewelry to wow a few special someones this holiday season, you may be on the hunt for affordable pieces that still feature stunning diamonds, gemstones, and gold.

At Pompeii3, we have the solution you need with stunning Christmas jewelry gifts for under $300. Explore our recommendations and discover the perfect holiday jewelry gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Earrings

If you thought diamond earrings were out of your price range, we’re happy to report that you’re absolutely wrong! We have plenty of options under $300 that make beautiful Christmas gifts. Whether it’s ruby studs under $100 or extravagant dangling pieces that cost just a little bit more, we have something for every style. From subtle and sleek, bold and modern, or vintage and unique, our collection explores a variety of aesthetics. Find the perfect Christmas jewelry gifts at Pompeii3.

One way to ensure your fine diamond earrings don’t get too expensive is to filter out large carat sizes and 18k gold pieces. With one-carat studs set in 14k gold, you can still make a splash without breaking the bank!

2. Stud Jackets14k gold diamond earring jacket christmas jewelry gift

If your loved one already has stud earrings and you don’t want to repeat the same gift, our recommendation for this year’s Christmas jewelry gift is a stud jacket. With this style, they can enhance and elevate their existing studs with a halo design in any shape or size. Browse our selection to find round halos, square halos, and star halos. You can even find halos made with alternative gemstones, like emerald and sapphire, as well as every metal color, including yellow, white, and rose gold.

3. Pendants

Do you think a necklace is best as your Christmas jewelry gift for a loved one? It could be the right choice for any special woman in your life. At Pompeii3, we offer pendants under $300 in a variety of styles, including solitaire diamond stones, religious pieces in white gold, and styles from our Journey collection that undulate gracefully in a waterfall design.

If you’re not sure exactly where to start looking for necklaces, we recommend visiting our necklace collection and sorting by price to find everything that could possibly fit your budget in one place.

4. Rings

pink topaz heart ring holiday jewelry gift

At Pompeii3, we definitely consider engagement, anniversary, and wedding rings our specialty. And these can make the right Christmas jewelry gift, depending on your plans. If you’re planning a proposal, we have so many engagement styles to explore — many of which fall in the right price range for your budget. For anyone celebrating an anniversary around the holiday season, we also offer cocktail rings, stackable rings, and other fashionable designs that can fit any style.

5. Birth Month Jewelry

When you need something a little extra special, you should consider birth month jewelry to show how much you know and care about your loved ones. We make it easy to find the right stones with a simple list under our Gifts tab. Simply hover over the tab and review the list on the left-hand side to find the right month and stone.

Find garnets for January, aquamarine for March, sapphire for September, and so much more when you start shopping now. Just don’t forget to sort by price so you can see exactly what’s in your price range.

6. Custom Design

custom pendant with peridot and 10k white gold

While you might think that a custom design is out of the question for an affordable Christmas jewelry gift, don’t count this idea out quite yet. Reach out to us with your design idea, and we’ll provide an estimate and time frame for delivery. It might be doable after all — just don’t hesitate to ask!

Gift Shopping Made Easy

Pompeii3 strives to make shopping for holiday jewelry gifts simple. With our various selections, you can jump to the category you need right away or take your time browsing our huge store to discover unique surprises you may not have considered before.

Are you ready to start shopping for Christmas jewelry gifts under $300? Make Pompeii3 your number-one choice and discover everyday low prices, premium quality materials, and outstanding customer service. And don’t forget to add an appraisal and insurance to your cart for extra security!