How to choose an engagement ring?

How to choose an engagement ring?

May 5, 2024

Congratulations on finding your soulmate and planning to propose! But before taking that crucial step, there lies the essential task of selecting an engagement ring from all the available choices - How to choose an engagement ring?

It is something which might prove challenging if there are so many available! Don't despair though; Pompeii3 can assist with our 10 tips for buying an engagement ring!

1. Get to Know Their Style

At Pompeii3, engagement rings should reflect both your partner's taste and personality, from classic designs with elegant detailing to bold statement rings crafted of bold materials like carbon. Our extensive range of engagement rings includes timeless solitaires, vintage-inspired halos to contemporary geometric cuts to meet everyone's preferences - so choose carefully.

2. Learn About Diamond's 4Cs

However, for those considering diamond engagement rings, understanding the 4 Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) is of vital importance. Cut plays an enormous role in brilliance so prioritize well-cut diamonds over those simply defined by carat weight alone. Colour describes its neutrality which ranges from D (colourless) to Z (slight tint), clarity measures internal flaws with higher grades being more expensive, while carat weight simply refers to size.

At Pompeii3 we offer diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America, guaranteeing top-of-the-line quality within your budget constraints!

3. Investigate Alternative Gemstones

Diamonds may be timeless, but there's also an exciting array of captivating gemstones waiting to be found. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies all boast vibrant bursts of color while moissanites shine at a fraction of their cost compared to diamonds. Take a peek through Pompeii3's selection of gemstone engagement rings to find one that speaks to your relationship story!

4. Select an Ideal Environment

The setting of any engagement ring is not only its aesthetics but also its durability. Popular settings for engagement rings include

  • classic prong settings for maximum sparkle
  • secure and modern bezel settings
  • illusion-creating halo settings

When picking out a setting for your partner's lifestyle consideration should also come into play - for those living an active life bezel settings may provide greater protection and safety than prong settings would do.

5. Pay Attention to Metal

Metal selection should reflect both your gemstone's hue and personal preferences and the daily activities of both partners. Popular options for bands are

  • platinum - popular due to its durability and brilliant white hue
  • 14k or 18k yellow, white and rose gold can provide both warm and cool tones
  • palladium offers budget-conscious couples another budget-conscious alternative with its beauty

Pompeii3 engagement rings are expertly hand-crafted using a 14k Italian gold chain for lasting elegance with comfortable wearability.

6. Size Matters - But We Got You Covered!

An improperly sized ring can lead to discomfort. When planning a surprise proposal, discreetly measure their finger by using one of their existing rings as an aid for measuring. Pompeii3 also offers printable size guides or personalized assistance at our showroom if this approach doesn't suit you.

7. Create and Adhere to a Budget

Engagement rings represent an investment, so setting and sticking to an appropriate budget are crucial. Pompeii3 offers a selection of engagement ring styles at different price ranges to fit various budgets - remember the meaning behind your purchase matters more than its cost!

8. Make Sure That You Visit Reputable Jewelers

Trust is paramount when making such an important purchase, which is why Pompeii3 Jeweler stands out among their peers with over 25 years of experience, exceptional customer service, lifetime warranties and a simple return policy. Their knowledgeable team are committed to finding you your dream engagement ring!

9. Take into Account Matching Wedding Bands

Pompeii3 offers an exquisite collection of matching wedding bands to complete their bridal set, and many couples select bands from this site that complement their engagement rings perfectly.

10. Make It Memorable!

An engagement ring represents more than jewellery; it represents love and commitment between two individuals. Pompeii3 can assist in designing an unforgettable proposal experience to surprise your partner with romantic settings, heartfelt words and, of course, their perfect engagement ring from Pompeii3.

Bonus Tip: While engagement rings should take centre stage, don't neglect to add special finishing touches like an elegant diamond cross necklace from Pompeii3 that perfectly compliments it and adds an air of sophistication and grace!