Jewelry Organization Ideas: How to Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry Organization Ideas: How to Organize Your Jewelry

Jan 6, 2023

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From the most precious fine jewelry to your favorite fashion pieces, keeping your collection organized has a ton of benefits. You’ll know where every one of your pieces is, you can keep more expensive pieces safe, you’ll be able to better visualize which pieces you want to wear for special occasions and everyday activities, and you can guarantee your jewelry is better protected from wear and tear. 

Finding the optimal jewelry organization ideas for you can be a very personalized experience, but Pompeii3 is here to help with several solutions to fit any jewelry collection. Explore our recommendations today and discover how to best organize your jewelry to fit your life.

1. Trays in Drawers

When your jewelry is out and on display, you do risk the accumulation of dust and disorganization from kids and pets. To keep your pieces a little bit safer, you can reconfigure a few drawers into jewelry organization stations. If you have the space, find several lined suede or velvet trays that fit into your drawers and can house rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more with slots and holders. Most of these will be lie-flat and won’t extend beyond the height of your drawer.

You can also organize your jewelry on the trays however you want. Whether you want to categorize them by type or place them together in sets you like to wear together, this jewelry organization idea makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for right away. Keep your jewelry even safer when you opt for drawers that can be locked – especially if you have a lot of precious gems in your collection.

2. Store-Style Displays

If your collection is made up of real diamonds and precious metals, you don’t want it all jumbled together – risking tangled necklaces and scratches on the surfaces of softer stones and metals. In this case, jewelry stores definitely have the right idea! Keep your pieces well-ordered and looking beautiful with an organization idea that mimics fine jewelry stores. How do they organize their jewelry?

Most stores utilize suede mats and elegant forms specifically made for display. Depending on what you have in your collection, you’ll need to explore upper body/neck forms for necklaces, boxes with small slits or rolls for rings, and standing racks for earrings. You can also get a little more creative with your jewelry organization ideas with unique styling from more progressive stores, like laying your pieces over driftwood, on home decor, and in cloches – almost like you’re creating a museum display rather than working on jewelry storage.

3. Tiered Tray Storage

This organization idea combines suggestions one and two into a single storage situation. If you simply don’t have the drawer space, you can use the same jewelry trays but stack them on floating shelves, a vanity, or dressers in your closet or bedroom. We recommend shopping for stacker jewelry boxes that you can customize to fit your collection. You can opt for different sizes, colors, and designs that optimize the trays to maximize the space you do have and make your jewelry easy to reach and store.

4. Wall Hung Jewelry

One of our favorite jewelry organization ideas, especially for necklaces and bracelets, is a wall-hung display. Vertical storage is a great way to use every available storage solution! Wall-hung jewelry also means you can see your jewelry more easily, so it’s far more accessible.

Choose a few unique hooks or knobs that fit in with your home decor aesthetic and plan out how to display your pieces to their best advantage.

5. Safe Storage

While some of our jewelry organization ideas are ideal for fine jewelry, some are meant for fashion jewelry pieces. If you need an idea that keeps your most precious pieces safe, a safe or a locking jewelry armoire is the best idea. You probably have a few styles that you only wear for truly special occasions, like weddings, so keep them in a jewelry storage safe that has little sliding trays and partitions that ensure your jewelry is protected from scratches, accessible when you need it, and locked up tight when you don’t.

Jewelry From Pompeii3

At Pompeii3, we love jewelry of all styles, and we hope that all your investments last for years! When you know how to organize your jewelry with a dedicated storage space, you minimize jewelry loss, damage, and even theft. No matter what style of jewelry you have or which organization idea you prefer, we hope you’re proud of your collection and keep adding new styles as you need them!