My stone fell out of my ring!

My stone fell out of my ring!

Oct 18, 2017

My stone has fallen out of my ring!

You’re getting ready one morning when you notice that one of the stones from your precious ring has fallen out and gone missing. OH NO! What do you do now? How did this happen? Will it happen again? Today I will go over all you need to know about what you need to do, why and how it happened, and if it will happen again and how to prevent it.

Let’s start with how and why this happens. Many times it can depend on the setting that the stone is sitting in. It can also depend on the care you take of your ring. Stones are liable to fall out if you keep your rings on during vigorous activities such as at the gym, in the garden, or simply hitting it on something. Even carting around heavy luggage can loosen prongs and cause stones to fall out. You want to make sure to remove all jewelry before doing any work that may be hard on your jewelry. This is a great way to prevent it happening again.

Other reasons why stones fall out or are knocked out can be that prongs can and will weaken over time, gold is soft and can bend easily. If you have your ring resized this can alter the integrity of the piece and cause stones to fall out due to stretching or squishing of the metal depending on whether you go up or down in size. Another reason stones fall out is if you sleep with your rings on and the prongs catch clothes or sheets in sleep. Or worse you slam it into something in your sleep. This can loosen the setting and you run the risk of losing stones.

What you should do if you lose a stone is call the location that you got the ring immediately. Many jewelers have a warranty on their items and will replace a small side stone that may have fallen out at no additional cost. Note* If the center diamond is lost many places WILL NOT replace this free of charge as this is the most valuable stone on the item and most of the time very costly. When you take the ring in to be repaired I would also recommend having them check the setting and integrity of all the other stones in the piece as well. Having them check it will result in other stones falling out if any are loose at this time.

If you take proper care and maintenance of the ring regularly you will never have a problem with your stones falling out. Regular maintenance on a ring includes taking it in every 6 months or a year to have it professionally checked and cleaned. During this process they will tighten all loose stones and ensure that the integrity of the ring is secure. They will also let you know if any work needs to be done on the piece at this time as well. Just following all that I have here and you should never have a problem with stones falling out of your jewelry again! 

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