Pompeii3’s Guide to Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Pompeii3’s Guide to Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Aug 10, 2022

pink gemstone engagement ring

Getting engaged is an exciting milestone that couples daydream about from the very first exchange of “I love you”. From the moment you say “yes,” and every day thereafter, you’ll be wearing your engagement ring. The engagement ring is symbolic of the lifelong commitment you and your partner have made to each other, so the ring should be a reflection of who you are as an individual and as a couple. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they are not the only sparkling stones that look amazing on your left ring finger! More and more often, couples are opting for non-traditional engagement rings as unique expressions of their bond. If your taste in jewelry tends to be outside the box, or you simply want something that no one else has, a non-traditional style may be the right engagement ring for you!

What Are Non-Traditional Styles?

Are you looking for an alternative engagement ring style? You’re in the right place! But what options do you have, and what makes an engagement ring non-traditional? Non-traditional styles feature a unique cut, color, stone, setting, or a combination of the four. Colored gemstone engagement rings, unique orientations, and intricate settings have recently been gaining popularity. Each option brings something special and different to the table, ensuring your ring will stand out and be perfectly unique!

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite stones have been gaining popularity for quite some time. These beautiful and brilliant stones make perfect non-traditional engagement rings for a number of reasons. Moissanite is a clear gemstone that closely resembles a diamond for a traditional feel, but they are lab-created for the added benefit of being eco-friendly and less expensive. Moissanite is incredibly durable, can be cut to any shape, and paired with any setting. They are heirloom quality and conflict free — a beautiful expression of a lifelong commitment. 

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Colored gemstones are a popular choice for non-traditional engagement rings! A colored diamond perfectly tows the line between traditional and unconventional. A classic stone adorned with a pop of color is the best of both worlds. Diamonds are sometimes canary yellow, sparkling pink, pastel green, black, champagne, or deep blue in color. A more budget-friendly alternative to colored diamonds is birthstone gems. Sapphires are a deep blue, majestic stone that is commonly associated with royalty. Emeralds are a gorgeous, vibrant green and are often considered to be the “jewel of kings”. Stunning ruby red makes a bold statement. The color and association with romance make it a fitting choice for a non-traditional engagement ring. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies may be popular choices, but they certainly are not the only options. Amethysts make for striking alternative engagement rings, ranging in shade from lavender to deep purple. Aquamarines are light blue stones, reminiscent of the ocean and all its beauty. For something totally different, consider an opal gemstone. Opals are the only stone capable of displaying an optical phenomenon called “play of color”. Flashes of vibrant colors dance across the surface of the gem in imaginative patterns, invoking a magical look and feel. 

Design Inspiration

Diamond Engagement Ring in a White Box

Another great way to play in the non-traditional engagement ring space is to consider a uniquely designed style inspired by jewelry trends of the past and present. Traditional rings tend to have a balanced, uniform look. Breaking the mold with accent gemstones helps to distribute sparkle and doesn’t rely on the central stone to be the main attraction. Art Deco-inspired designs achieve this by using geometric shapes to determine stone placement. Vintage-inspired designs sometimes take a page out of the Art Deco playbook. They are typically incredibly ornate featuring intricate designs.

If a contemporary non-traditional engagement ring is more your style, look for modern and minimalist designs. These are usually more understated and are the first choice by those who prefer a barely-there look as opposed to a statement piece. The clean and simple aesthetic of a modern design makes a minimalist style a timeless choice for an alternative engagement ring. When shopping for an engagement ring, the beauty of a design-first approach is that any type of stone can be used. Diamonds, gemstones, or moissanite — natural or lab-created, anything goes when inspiration stems from the design.

Unusual Shapes & Settings

Round, oval, emerald, and cushion cuts reign supreme as the engagement ring shape of choice, but if you’re looking for a non-traditional engagement ring — an unusual cut is a great place to start. Stone shape, placement, and setting determine if a ring is modern or vintage, trendy or classic. Changing the geometry of a stone by framing it or placing it off-center creates an illusion of bold, unexpected shapes. Asymmetry draws the eye to multiple focal points for an uncommon yet truly inspired look. Bands are sometimes overlooked as stones are usually the stars of the show. Bands and settings are often plain or feature minimal embellishment, but an intricately designed band makes for a visually interesting and unique ring. Double bands, twisted or split shank, Toi et Moi, and cluster designs are gorgeously distinct alternative engagement ring styles. If you love a classic white stone, but want something that looks different, consider a unique shape, setting, or both for your non-traditional engagement ring.

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