Red & Green Holiday Jewelry to Wear This Christmas

Red & Green Holiday Jewelry to Wear This Christmas

Oct 27, 2021

couple kissing at Christmas tree

‘Tis the season...for accessorizing! With all of the holiday festivities and Christmas parties coming up on your calendar, you may be at a loss trying to find the perfect holiday jewelry for your upcoming events. 

Don’t stress. Relax! Your friends at Pompeii3 are here to help. We’ve asked some of our experts to give us their red and green jewelry ideas. Not only are these pieces perfect for accessorizing in December, but we think you’ll see that they’re just as versatile for the other 11 months of the year as well!

Ruby Tennis Bracelets

diamond and ruby bracelet

3ct Genuine Ruby & Real Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14K White Gold (G/H, I1) - $1,229.99

Tennis bracelets are some of the most iconic fine jewelry you can find. There’s something so distinctly elegant, yet understated about this style of jewelry. If you’re looking for a bit of holiday flair, consider a unique twist on the classic tennis bracelet: a ruby tennis bracelet. This unexpected variation on the classic theme makes the perfect holiday jewelry. The rich, red rubies combined with Pompeii3’s shimmering diamonds make this a must-do for your upcoming Christmas party.

Emerald Stud Earrings

heart shaped emerald stud earrings

1ct Heart Shape Simulated Emerald Studs Earrings 14K White Gold

If you’re wanting a set of earrings that accent holiday wardrobes while still getting use the rest of the year, how about a set of emerald stud earrings? Pompeii3 carries several different shapes and sizes of emerald studs, allowing you to choose a style that fits best with your plans for the Yuletide season. As an added bonus, with emerald studs in your jewelry box, you’ll have the perfect earrings for St. Patrick's Day too. Talk about some versatile holiday jewelry!

Peridot Jewelry

peridot white gold pendant

Solitaire Peridot Pendant 10K White Gold - $99.99

Have you heard of peridot? This olive-colored, semi-precious gemstone has a unique look that sets it apart from the more well-known emerald. If you’re searching for green holiday jewelry, but are looking for a lower price point than emeralds typically offer, peridot jewelry will fit the bill nicely. They’re beautiful, semi-transparent stones that have a mysterious quality that’s absolutely captivating. Our opinion? Choose a peridot set in white gold to maximize your holiday magic.

Happy Holidays From Pompeii3

Whatever you end up choosing for your holiday jewelry, make sure you choose Pompeii3. Our made-to-order jewelry is fashioned to the highest standards right here in our own factory. Our attention to detail and low overhead means that you can get phenomenal pieces of jewelry at affordable prices.

Contact our team today if you have any questions about any of the pieces in our online catalog. Have a happy holiday season!