Stackable Diamond Rings

Stackable Diamond Rings

Oct 10, 2017

Ring stacking and how to do it!

Ring stacking is a very popular right now. Stacked wedding rings have been gracing the ring fingers of stylish brides (and non-brides) for years, but now the trend is really catching on. In Scandinavia it is actually traditional to have a stacked left finger. The women wear a ring for engagement, marriage, and motherhood. Stacking rings is a great way to celebrate life events too as anniversaries or the birth of a baby! There is a dizzying array of ways you can stack your rings. It really is all up to you and how you choose the look. However I will include a variety of ways to style your stackables if you’re having an artistic block!

One way that is very popular particularly for brides is the symmetry look; two eternity bands and an engagement ring. The eternity bands are placed on either side of the engagement ring, framing it. Now you can do this any way. You don’t need to have matching eternity bands. Fashionistas actually believe you can stack any type of metal and stone and it still looks great. I will say balance is the key though. Don’t forget you do not have to limit yourself to just your left finger either. Go all out and stack away. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and who doesn’t love a ton of sparkle?!?!?!

You definitely want to make sure the look on each finger is balanced and somewhat symmetrical. Also don’t be afraid to jazz up the thumb or pinky finger! Pinky rings are coming back and what better way to celebrate than with a stacked pinky!Your look will feel more balanced and be more comfortable if you wear your smaller rings on top and your heavier statement rings on the bottom, but beyond that it's really just a matter of personal taste.

Midi rings are a great way to stack as well. You can add in a barely there midi ring—it works well on your pointer finger, middle finger or ring finger, and should sit below the first knuckle. It you are feeling extra ambitious, double up on the same finger or chose another finger. Doubling up is twice as fun. It also makes the look really pop. You can always go for a minimalist look as well and do small dainty pieces in various shades of metals and gemstones.

I hope I have given you a few ideas on how to accomplish the stackable look in all the varying degrees of your life. Jewelry should never be boring and always make a statement. There is only one of you so do not be afraid to stand out and be an individual with your stacking styles! Always remember keep it fun and keep interesting and you will never get bored with stacking rings.