​Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends - Dazzle your loved one with a diamond!

​Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends - Dazzle your loved one with a diamond!

Posted by Morgan on Jan 20, 2018

Popular Diamond Engagement Rings at Pompeii3

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in your life. What makes it even better is the type of engagement ring you choose for that person and occasion. We decided to help out all the brides-to-be and the guys who are planning to propose their lady loves so that they can spend more time loving their engagement ring. Here are some of the most popular diamond engagement rings these days.

A Beautiful Halo

cushion halo diamond enagement ring Originating from the Georgian era,  halo diamond engagement rings rose to popularity in the Victorian era and are still very much in demand, just behind the solitaire diamond engagement rings. If you're looking for something sophisticated without emptying your bank account, then halo diamond rings are the best choice. This one-of-a-kind, vintage engagement ring has a sentimental effect.

Usually, the price of the ring increases with the size of the diamond, but you will not have to worry about this when it comes to this style. The smaller diamonds that surround the center stone creates the ‘halo’ effect and makes the diamond at the center appear larger. This is known as the cushion halo engagement ring. The beauty of this lies in the fact that it can accommodate any shape of the gem or diamond you want.

lab grown diamond halo ring Moreover, the halo ring offers a perfect blend of modernity and timeless, which is why it is one of the more popular diamond engagement rings. With a variety of designs, you can even get two halos instead of one! This impressive piece of art combines metal and colors to give you a perfect look. You can select the type of diamond and color that will accentuate the other diamonds for the second halo. If you’re looking for something discreet, then you can go for the hidden halo ring.

This type of ring intensifies the center stone, giving it a unique look. If you want something that sparkles and makes a statement, then the round halo engagement ring will be the perfect fit for you. The symmetrical design brings the maximum amount of brilliance and sophistication, as the halo and the center stone fits seamlessly together. Its versatile designs can make your engagement ring look bigger and can accommodate buyers with every type of budget.

Morganite and Rose Gold

rose gold and morganite engagement ring Rose gold is one of the newest diamond engagement ring trends, and there is no sign in sight of it fading. Also commonly known as pink gold, red gold or Russian gold, this metal gets its beautiful warm red tone with the addition of copper. It is usually available in 18 karat instead of 24 karat. It is very rare for rose gold to be available in 22 karat. Silver is also added to create a more solid and robust alloy. If the woman you are planning to propose loves vintage and is a romantic at heart, this engagement ring is the best choice! Especially when paired with morganite in our  rose gold and morganite engagement rings.

morganite cushion engagement ring Belonging to the Beryl family –which includes some of the most coveted gems- morganite is a semi-precious stone. Like other stones of the family, morganite stones can be very rare to find. However, once this magnificent stone is set in 18 karat rose gold, it is sure to be a head turner. Because of its unique rosy hue, it will stand out from other, more common gold rings. With the addition of silver and copper, this ring has the strength to hold the diamonds or gems and looks beautiful enough to compliment them. The blush hues found in Morganite make an exquisite pair with the delicate rose gold band.

One of the most popular designs of morganite rings includes the Morganite Serfaina ring and the Morganite Lotus Flower ring. The flower halo design on the Morganite Lotus Flower ring offers a classic charm, while the remarkable accent diamonds on the sides and intricate detailing give the Morganite Serfaina ring a truly unique look.

Fancy Oval and Pear-Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

oval diamond engagement ring Both the pear and  oval-shaped engagement rings are naturally elongated in shape and create a slimming effect on the finger, easily making them some of the most popular diamond engagement rings. The cut of the diamond is a very important aspect, because the brilliance, symmetry, polish, and sparkle all depend on this. Cuts like the pear-shaped and oval look equally stunning and cost less than the famous round cut.

For an oval-cut ring, it is important to consider the millimeter measurements, which will tell you how much the diamond weighs. Most people prefer the length to width ratio from 13 to 1.7. Since the oval-cut diamond is extremely good at hiding its imperfections, one must make sure that its clarity rating is at least S12 and above so that nothing hinders its beautiful sparkle. Make sure you find someone to inspect the stone before you purchase it, so your diamond does not have a bow-tie effect. This is an effect where light doesn't bounce back in the middle of the diamond because of the way it is cut.

oval-cut sapphire and diamond engagement ring Since the oval diamond appears larger in size the round counterpart, you can get the same uniqueness and elegance for a lesser price! This ring is also available in moissanite and gemstones. Oval sapphires and moissanite are more affordable. A very famous style of the oval sapphire is the engagement ring of Kate Middleton.

Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings were once very popular, and they are now making a comeback. Like the oval cut diamond ring, the pear-shaped diamond all has a large surface area giving it a big overall appearance. This versatile diamond offers a variety of setting designs.

The most popular diamond engagement rings include the pear halo, pear pave band, and the three stone. The halo accentuates the pear-shaped diamond, giving it an extra sparkle, while the pear pave band ring highlights the center diamond by an inserting smaller diamonds on the sides. The three stone rings have a pear-shaped diamond in the middle with two tapered baguettes or pear diamond accent stones on the sides.

Matching Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

diamond bridal ring set While many want the latest diamond engagement ring trends, the most important thing to do when selecting yours is to stay true to your style and choose one that complements your personality. Engagement rings are usually the one to make the statement, while the wedding ring is more simple and elegant. When matching an engagement ring and wedding band, it is essential that the two rings complement each other. Purchasing  bridal ring sets can take the stress off of trying to find the right ring later and saves you money as well. A contoured wedding band is designed according to the curvature of your engagement ring.

1/2 carat diamond solitare engagement ring Other popular diamond engagement rings include the notched wedding band, which connects like pieces of a puzzle, as the wedding band bends around the center of the band. The combination of these two styles is best for engagement rings that are dramatic and has an elongated shape with fine detailing around the center diamond. To increase the twinkle, you can add colored gemstones to the wedding band.

If you have a classic solitaire engagement ring, you can pair it with an eternity band for a bolder look, a wedding band with dazzling gemstones for extra sparkle or just a simple band in matching metal. Solitaire rings are a blank canvas, and you can style them according to your taste! Another way to style solitaires is the bezel-set solitaires. This is best for flat or domed wedding bands.

The only downside to this style is that it is hard to pair it seamlessly with every wedding band. Like the bezel-cut, it is also difficult to pair a wedding band with the halo diamond engagement ring, but fear not! The notched wedding band discussed above is the perfect solution. If your engagement ring has a relatively thinner band, then choose a wedding band that adds depth to it. That, however, does not mean that you pair a chunkier channel set wedding band with it because that will not give it the seamless finish you desire. It is better if you choose a flat wedding band and add delicate pave stones if you want that dazzle.

Big Solitaire Diamonds

round solitaire diamond engagement ring We’ve saved the best of the lot for last! Nothing beats the  solitaire diamond ring when it comes to popular diamond engagement rings that are timeless and classic. Want to make a statement? Go for a single big round diamond! What can make for a more dreamy proposal than to ask her hand in marriage on a starry, romantic night with the perfect solitaire engagement ring? Standing alone without any side stones, the solitaire makes the center diamond the brilliant focal point of the ring. The most famous kind is the ‘Tiffany style solitaire’.

Created in 1886, the brilliantly cut diamond is safely secured by six prongs, which enhances the style and shape of the center stone. You can also choose a four-prong setting according to your choice and design of the engagement ring. The only difference between the two is that the four-prong shows off more of the diamond, while the six prong is more secure. The band of the ring can be enhanced by the addition of side stones, which come in three popular designs (channel, pave, and shared prong). These designs differ in the number and setting of their stones.

yellow gold 1ct diamond enagement ring Picking the right band depends on the overall look of the design of the ring. If you're looking for a delicate look, you should go for a pave band. If you want something flashy, you can choose a three-row band to get the aesthetically pleasing look! The solitaire diamond engagement ring is available in many popular styles like the round, princess, emerald-cut, oval, marquise, and heart. All these designs offer you the sophistication and elegance of a perfectly cut diamond. Advertisement campaigns for companies like Tiffany & Co. have given the solitaire diamond the iconic status that will last forever.

Final Thoughts!

Just like your love, your proposal should be unique and lovely. All these popular diamond engagement rings will seal your love in a diamond and are sure to make your proposal an extremely special moment. When you finally meet the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want everything to be perfect. Finding the ideal band may be the most difficult decision a man has to make in his life.

A simple solution to this problem is getting a  custom-made engagement or wedding ring that suits her style and personality. The designs of these engagement and wedding rings are evolving with every passing year. The delicate pave setting designs and the cushion cut halo diamond sets are here to stay for a long time. In the end, however, it all depends on her taste and what makes her happy!

We would love your feedback. Tell us what your favorite diamond engagement rings trends are. Share your special moments with us at Pompeii3!