Two Stone Forever Us Diamond Engagement Ring s

Two Stone Forever Us Diamond Engagement Ring s

Posted by Kat on Nov 21, 2017


Nothing is ever stagnant in the world of jewelry. If you’ve been keeping up with the trends this year, I’m sure you’ve seen two stone rings everywhere. Not only are they classic yet modern, stylish with a twist, the symbolism behind them goes a little deeper than the bling that you will be getting. The two stone ring has it all: grace, passion, and partnership.

As an engagement ring, the two coiled stones can be said to signify a variety of things. At Pompeii3, we like to believe that the diamonds represent the endurance of a relationship between two people coming together. The band is not complete without the other, and relies on one another to hold the other up. For a ring to celebrate both the love and friendship of your bond, you could not find a better design. It’s difficult to not have a connection!

The two stone can be customized and mounted on a wide variety of settings to add a more personal touch. Some of the ways you can set your stones are listed below.

Heart Shaped: What can better reflect your love for her than two brilliant round cut stones set in a heart? These designs have it all.

Halo: You can opt for a setting that features two halo-set gems that seems to orbit around each other. Your choice of gems in a halo setting will give the ring a little more pizazz and personality!

Crossover: In this setting, two gentle waves of your choice of metal come up to hug two stones in the center.