Which is better lab or natural diamond?

Which is better lab or natural diamond?

May 29, 2024

Diamonds have always captured our imagination; their timeless elegance, brilliance, resilience, and exquisite beauty have become symbols of love, celebration, and commitment over time. However, with laboratory-grown diamonds now becoming available there has come debate as to Which is better lab or natural diamond?

No single choice will always be "better", it all boils down to what your priorities and preferences are - let's learn about diamonds together so we can all make informed choices!

Nature's Marvel vs. Science's Creation

Natural diamonds form through millions of years under immense pressure and heat deep within Earth's mantle, while lab-grown versions are created in controlled laboratory conditions that recreate this environment. Amazingly, both types possess identical chemical composition and radiate brilliance!

Factors to Keep in Mind when Deciding Between Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds

Choosing between lab-grown and natural diamonds involves carefully considering your priorities, with three primary aspects that need to be evaluated:

1. Price and Brilliance

Natural diamonds tend to command steep price tags due to limited supply and traditional mining practices; lab-grown diamonds offer much better value thanks to being created under controlled lab environments with lower production costs; these allow consumers to snag larger or higher quality stones without breaking their budgets.

2. Ethics & Sustainability

Selecting Gems With Conscience Environmental impacts associated with diamond mining as well as potential human rights abuses have cast doubt upon the ethics of natural diamonds, so lab-grown diamonds provide more sustainable and ethically conscious alternatives that have smaller environmental footprints while offering you peace of mind that your dazzling stone wasn't mined at the expense of our planet or human well-being.

3. Resale Value

Natural diamonds have long been seen as reliable investments; however, their resale market can often be unpredictable. Lab-grown diamonds, however, represent relatively newcomers on the scene, and therefore their market is relatively young - although their value may rise over time, the future remains unpredictable.

Finding Your Ideal Match

Looking for a diamond cross necklace that expresses your faith or wedding bands that match perfectly together? Regardless of whether your priority lies with affordability and sustainability or tradition and potential resale value of natural diamonds, both options offer unsurpassed beauty and durability.

At Pompeii3, the choice is ultimately yours; consider your budget, values, and what matters to you most in making your selection. Do you dream of owning a larger diamond that speaks of your romantic journey or perhaps lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable for you? No matter your taste or preference - at Pompeii3 we have an exceptional collection of lab-grown and natural diamonds hand-selected with care that can be set into exquisite 14k Italian gold chains or matching wedding rings to give you something you'll treasure forever!