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Square Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

It takes a great deal of time to create a square diamond engagement ring from scratch, and it often takes a larger budget too. Pompeii3 understands this, which is why we can help you build an engagement ring online. We’ll work with you to match a loose diamond with a square diamond ring setting to create a totally unique piece, all without the hassle.

Choose Your Diamond

Begin the process by searching our vast selection of loose diamonds online. Pompeii3 has a wide variety of 100% conflict-free diamonds. Looking for champagne diamonds, blue diamonds, or even black diamonds? We’ve got them all! We even offer lab-created diamonds that have the same chemical and physical properties as their naturally-mined counterparts at a fraction of the price. Your choices for stunning and personalized square diamond engagement rings are almost endless!

Choose Your Setting

Now that you’ve selected your diamond, you’ll want to find a square diamond ring setting that brings out the best qualities of your center stone. Our designers have crafted an astounding selection: from classic stylings to modern designs to vintage looks. We’ll have a setting that will expertly match your taste...and budget! Once we secure your center stone to the setting, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind square setting engagement ring.

Craftsmanship and Design From Pompeii3

If you’re thinking about creating your own square diamond engagement ring, you need to work with a company that has the history and expertise to bring beautiful designs to life. At Pompeii3, we’ve been creating handcrafted jewelry for a century, and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with your choice. Do you still have questions? Contact us for more information. We’re glad to help!