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Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Over the past several years, lab grown diamond rings have grown remarkably in popularity and appeal. Representing the highest standards of quality and beauty, in addition to sustainability and ethical sourcing, lab grown diamonds are as innovative as they are timeless. Our selection of lab grown diamond rings spans a range of classically-inspired and contemporary styles, featuring pieces you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime.

The Highest Standards of Authenticity and Prestige

Combining the very best of both time-honored precision and cutting-edge techniques, our lab grown diamonds span a range of styles. Choose from elegant solitaire designs, exquisite pave variations, halo-style engagement rings, and much more. Metal options like stunning rose, white, and yellow gold allow you to make each piece your own. Shop by carat weight, diamond cut, metal type, color, and more to discover the perfect ring.

Find (or Create) Your Dream Ring

At Pompeii3, we’re thrilled to provide an unrivaled selection of exquisitely crafted lab grown diamond rings. For assistance in shopping our collection, or for guidance in creating a custom piece, we invite you to contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff at (847) 367-7022.