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3-Stone Diamond Earrings

Some women love the deep meaning of 3-stone diamond earrings, with each stone representing either their past, present, or future. Others simply love the sleek and eye-catching designs. Whatever your reasoning, you’ll never go wrong when you select unique three-stone diamond drop earrings and more from Pompeii3.

Three Stones, Yet a Multitude of Options

When most people think of 3-stone diamond earrings, they think of three simple diamonds dangling neatly in a row. Although our artisans handcraft this classic design, you’ll find a much wider variety of options— in fact, so many that it may be hard to choose just one!

We offer three-stone clusters, hoops, drop dangles, and channel set varieties. Although white diamonds are our most popular option, we also design variations of the three-stone style that feature black or champagne diamonds as well.

Fine diamond earrings from Pompeii3 are perfect for any occasion. They’re always in good taste, whether you’re attending a casual evening with friends or a more formal occasion.

3-Stone Diamond Earrings from Pompeii3

Whether you’re searching for diamond gifts or you’re simply treating yourself, you owe it to yourself to check out the exceptional selection of three stone diamond drop earrings that we create at Pompeii3. For over 100 years, we’ve been crafting fine quality jewelry in the United States. We know you’ll be pleased with your purchase, which is why we offer a free 180-day warranty with each piece of jewelry we sell.

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