Colored Diamonds

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Black and Blue Diamond Pendants

In the past, maybe you’ve considered colored gemstones like rubies and emeralds when you’ve thought of fine fashion jewelry and pendants. However, have you ever thought about pendants featuring colored diamonds? After all, why purchase a sapphire necklace when you could have a magnificent blue diamond pendant?

Luminous Shades in Stunning Settings

Colored diamonds are often highly prized over traditional colored gemstones because of their rarity and exquisite beauty. Chocolate, champagne, and blue diamonds are just a few of the unique choices you can make. They’re absolutely perfect in pendants, and our jewelers here are Pompeii3 use these in a number of unique ways, including:

  • Diamond Pendant Solitaires: Imagine combining the color of a sapphire with the scintillation of a diamond? That’s the magic of our colored diamond solitaire pendants.
  • Diamond Fashion Pendants: These larger pieces often use various colors and shades of stones to create an attention-getting statement pendant. 
  • Three Stone Diamond Pendants: By placing colored diamonds in the classic three-stone configuration, we’ve created a timeless past, present, and future necklace with a modern twist.

Choose Black, Pink, and Blue Diamond Pendants from Pompeii3

When you’re choosing diamond pendants, your best option is to purchase from Pompeii3. We handcraft each piece here in the USA, so you know you’re benefiting from our expert craftsmanship. We’ve been creating dynamic pieces this way for a century, and it’s the only way we know how to do business...the right way. Don’t wait; choose from our unique colored diamond pendants at Pompeii3!