Moissanite Wedding Rings

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A Stunning Option

Are you looking for stunning wedding bands, engagement rings, or anniversary gifts for a loved one? You might love the moissanite styles from Pompeii3! These moissanite wedding bands and rings come in a range of sizes and designs for both men and women. Explore moissanite wedding rings with a modern, geometric aesthetic featuring emerald cut stones, or choose a classic silhouette with a brilliant cut eternity band. Whatever your style, Pompeii3 has a massive selection of moissanite anniversary rings that fit every preference!

What Is Moissanite?

Many people assume that moissanite is a lab-grown substitute for diamonds. However, moissanite is actually a naturally occurring gemstone in its own right made from silicon carbide. Since most moissanite is lab-grown due to its rarity, there are many variations that allow for a plethora of unique designs for moissanite wedding bands and rings.

Why Moissanite?

Choosing a moissanite over a diamond for a ring has a number of benefits. Moissanite rings have a very low environmental impact because they’re lab-grown, they’re more affordable than diamonds, and they disperse light at a higher refraction rate than diamonds — making them sparkle much brighter. Moissanite wedding rings also have a unique crystalline structure that attracts less oil and dirt than a diamond, allowing you to wear it longer between cleanings. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25, which is very close to the diamond rating at an even 10.

Are you considering a moissanite anniversary ring or wedding band? Shop the selection at Pompeii3 for quality designs! Or reach out to us today for help designing your own ring.