Black Gold Wedding Rings

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Black Gold Bands for Men & Women

If you’re not fond of the classic white or yellow gold wedding ring styles, we get it. You want to make a bold statement about your love and showcase your unique sense of style. With black gold wedding bands and rings for men and women, you can find sets in a style that’s all your own. Explore our collection of black gold wedding rings and bands to discover elegant, feminine silhouettes accented with white or black diamonds, as well as larger, sturdier rings in brushed, hammered, and polished styles to bring out the unique details of your preferred design.

What Is Black Gold?

Our black gold is typically a 14K variety that’s mixed with premium alloys to give it that distinct hue. These alloys also make your rings completely hypoallergenic, which is ideal for people with metal sensitivities. Our proprietary blend of alloys also bolsters the softness of gold to ensure these black gold wedding bands are as durable and scratch-resistant as possible to make them perfect for all-day wear. 

If you’re wondering why we chose 14K gold as opposed to a higher ratio, like 18K or 22K gold, it’s because this is the standard for all fine jewelry meant to be worn on a regular basis. You don’t want your diamond engagement ring to wear down because the metal is too soft!

Customizing Your Black Gold Wedding Ring

At Pompeii3, we strive to offer customization options for nearly all of our fine jewelry. Most of the black gold wedding bands in this collection are already made and ready to ship, but if you want to create a custom ring, we’re happy to help! Start here to explore a collaboration with our artisans that can accommodate your dream vision for the perfect wedding band or engagement ring!