Tungsten Wedding Rings

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Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men & Women

Are you looking for a unique material that’s more durable than gold but just as sleek and chic? Then, we have the perfect option for you in tungsten wedding bands and rings for both men and women. Our selection of tungsten wedding rings ranges in style and aesthetic to accommodate exactly what you’re looking for as a representation of your eternal love. Browse two-toned designs, tungsten wedding rings with diamond accents, iridescent bands, and color-infused metals for a distinctive look that speaks to a free-spirited union.

What Is Tungsten?

Tungsten is an emerging option for wedding rings that have become a much more popular choice due to its durability and eco-friendly nature. Tungsten has the highest melting points out of all metals, it’s the heaviest metal used in fine jewelry, and it’s the most scratch-resistant metal available for men’s and women’s wedding rings.

Please note that no tungsten wedding band is pure tungsten. This metal must be mixed with an alloy to reduce the brittleness of its structure and make it more malleable during the forging process. When blended with nickel or cobalt, you get tungsten carbide, which is about 85% tungsten, and 15% other materials. This formulation ensures its strength for all-day wear.

The Power of Tungsten Wedding Rings

At Pompeii3, we forge all of our tungsten wedding bands to ensure the highest quality standard. Flawless and nearly indestructible, like your relationship, there are no other metals that come close to being as strong and scratch-resistant! So shop tungsten wedding bands with us and enjoy quick shipping and a five-year warranty.