5 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

5 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Jan 31, 2018

So, you’ve found the one. The most important step is done, but now you want to make your proposal one for the books.

Thanks to the viral nature of social media, we’re seeing more over-the-top proposals. From flash mob dances to scenic locations leading up to the big question, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the epic proposals taking our generation by storm.

But don’t worry, the most special and unique marriage proposal ideas don’t have to be grand, public gestures (although there’s nothing wrong with that). Our biggest advice is to make the proposal personal to your partner.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for perfect proposals.

Be Nostalgic

Taking your sweetheart to your favorite date night spot, the location of a heartfelt childhood memory, or the place where you first met will ensure a totally unique marriage proposal idea meant just for the two of you!

If your partner is game, try adding a blindfold to the mix so they are totally surprised when you arrive at that special place. They will be overcome with nostalgia as they take it all in and you drop to one knee.

An Engaging Scavenger Hunt

Making a mini-adventure out of your proposal can help take the pressure off of asking the big question by offering hints and treats along the way!

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Leaving little notes with clues, and maybe even some thoughtful presents, along the way can build up your partner’s anticipation and excitement, making the perfect unique marriage proposal idea. We love the idea of incorporating unique engagement gift ideas into the equation. Surprise your future fiancée with a beautiful heart-shaped necklace or bright ruby studs.

Break the Routine

In what is certainly the most talked-about marriage proposal of 2017, the United Kingdom’s own Prince Harry popped the question to girlfriend Meghan Markle as they were making dinner.

We love this idea for a low-maintenance proposal because it’ll come when your partner least expects it. Take a routine that you both engage in regularly and make it extra-special and memorable with this unique marriage proposal idea.

Three’s a Party

If your sweetheart is an animal lover, consider a proposal that involves their favorite furry friend! Use your inner stealth skills to pop the ring around their dog’s collar and invite him to snuggle up with the two of you during movie night. It may take a moment, but once your partner spots the sparkly surprise around Fido’s neck, get ready to make that speech you’ve been practicing and celebrate with your partner and partner-in-crime!

Fake It!

The best proposal reactions come from a complete surprise, so try this unique marriage proposal idea on for size!

Ask your partner about his or her ring size and style preferences — a gag sure to have them accusing you of planning a proposal. As you work through the various styles and sizes, drop to one knee and pull out the real deal. Asking them, “What about this one?” is sure to leave your partner speechless!

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