A Guide to Finding Unique Stud Earrings

A Guide to Finding Unique Stud Earrings

Mar 6, 2020

When considering all of your options for diamond fashion earrings, diamond studs should be at the top of your list. Unique stud earrings are amazingly versatile and are far more customizable than you may think.

Are you looking to find something to add to your wardrobe? Are you looking for a gift for a special somebody? Whatever your purpose, consider these tips for finding your new and unique diamond stud earrings.

Choose Your Stone

When most people think of stud earrings, they think of round diamond studs...and for good reason! They are perfect for daily wear! Yet, don’t neglect to check out our selection of unique stud earrings that stray from the typical white diamond. Here at Pompeii3, we’ve created stud earrings in a wide variety of gemstones, including sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Additionally, we sell studs with semi-precious stones like amethyst, green tourmaline, and morganite. We even have colored diamond studs (black diamonds, anyone?).

Select the Size of Your Stone

princess cut diamond stud earrings
1/4ct Princess Cut Diamond Studs 14K White Gold (G/H, SI2-SI3) ($262.90)

If you’re looking for studs, particularly unique diamond stud earrings, you might be surprised to find out how many different sizes you have to choose from. We carry diamond studs from 1/5 carat total weight to 2 carats total weight (that’s one full carat in each ear!). With so much variety, we’re sure to have the perfect earrings for your budget.

Get Unique Stud Earrings in a Variety of Settings

Did you know that stud earrings come in all different types of settings? Each setting gives the earrings a subtle, yet uniquely different look. For instance, we carry round diamond studs in:

Check them all out to see what style (or styles!) you like best.

Unique Stud Earrings are Perfect for Any Occasion

princess cut diamond stud earrings
SI 3/4ct Diamond Earring Studs Halo Jackets- $539.99

One of our favorite things about stud earrings is their unique versatility. They look perfect, whether you’re running to the grocery store or you’re having a night out on the town. Their classic look is equal parts casual and formal. How many pieces of jewelry can make that claim?

Additionally, if you’re looking to change up the look of your stud earrings, you can include earring jackets to your collection. These unique accessories surround your stud, which, in essence, gives you a whole new set of earrings!

Select Earrings From Pompeii3

When you’re looking for fine jewelry accessories like stud earrings, you should always search the wide selection at Pompeii3. Not only do we create a great selection of jewelry, but you’ll also find all of our pieces are priced far below the jewelry stores at your local mall. In fact, with free shipping, you can buy unique stud earrings without ever leaving your couch!

Have questions about our selection? Contact us today. We’ll be glad to assist you!