Amethyst Jewelry We Love

Amethyst Jewelry We Love

Mar 5, 2020

Amethyst makes up the cornerstone of February birthstone jewelry, but we think you’ll find that amethyst jewelry is perfect for any occasion. This fine fashion jewelry is available at an affordable price, and its romantic and magical hue is amazing to behold. This purple stone is not only beautiful but also boasts a unique history. Utilized by the ancient Egyptians and beloved by the Greeks, amethyst has been beloved for centuries.

The word amethyst comes from a Greek word that literally means “no intoxication.” It was widely believed in ancient times that the use of amethyst worn on the body or made into cups could keep a person from becoming drunk. Although science has since proved this claim to be false, we think you’ll be intoxicated by the beauty of the amethyst gemstone jewelry we have designed at Pompeii3!

Although we love all of our amethyst pieces, we have three styles that really stand out.

Regal Studs

oval amethyst earrings
1 1/5ct Oval Genuine Amethyst Studs 14K White Gold ($109.99)

Purple is the color of royalty, and the rich shade of amethyst jewelry can turn a classic pair of studs into an elegant accessory for every occasion.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to introduce amethyst to the gemstone fine jewelry already in your collection, we’d suggest these stunning genuine amethyst studs in 14 karat white gold. Their deep purple color and large stone size make these earrings an absolute showstopper. Here’s a tip: if you’re looking for unique birthstone jewelry for February, these earrings are a perfect choice.

Must-Have Pendants

amethyst and diamond halo pendant
4ct Amethyst & Diamond Modern Halo Pendant 14K White Gold (G/H, SI) ($903.99)

When paired with diamonds and white gold, amethyst really shines. You can wear an amethyst pendant alone or layered with other necklaces, but it will always stand out.

In fact, our breathtaking amethyst and diamond halo pendant fits that bill nicely. Our one-of-a-kind piece features a genuine 10mm square amethyst surrounded by white diamonds and additional amethysts. Each stone is carefully set in a 14 karat white gold pendant, and a 14 karat white gold chain is included as well. It’s a stunning amethyst jewelry piece that has us smitten here in our office at Pompeii3!

Vintage Engagement Rings

amethyst vintage engagement ring
4 1/4ct Cushion Amethyst Vintage Diamond Ring 14K White Gold (G/H, I1) ($472.99)

Over the past few years, diamond engagement rings featuring colored precious and semiprecious stones have gained popularity. Their unique beauty, combined with their lower price point, makes them a fantastic choice for couples on a budget who refuse to sacrifice quality for value.

At Pompeii3, we carry a large selection of vintage engagement rings, but this cushion-cut amethyst piece is one of our favorites. If your loved one was born in February, or you’re planning on a February engagement, this ring will be both beautiful and meaningful. Plus, you can always match it with a stackable amethyst wedding ring later too!

Choose Your Amethyst Jewelry at Pompeii3

When it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, whether it's amethyst or any other gemstone, your best choice is to buy from Pompeii3. We have an outstanding selection of jewelry at equally outstanding prices. For over 100 years, we’ve been crafting jewelry and selling it directly to our customers, and our team is ready to serve you too. Contact us today so we can help you make the perfect amethyst jewelry choice.