Fall Wedding Ideas: Pompeii3’s Guide to Planning a Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Ideas: Pompeii3’s Guide to Planning a Fall Wedding

Aug 17, 2020

Bride With Fall Wedding Flowers in a Field

With the light autumnal breeze and the changing leaves comes the unmistakable feel of fall. Autumn is a perfect time to save the date and celebrate the next big step. Fall wedding planning lets you take advantage of beautiful temperate weather and luminous foliage bursting with bold color.

Finding fall wedding ideas for your own fall festival of love starts with the details: gifts, jewelry (especially diamond engagement rings), and arrangements. An eye for detail serves the seasonal celebration well, and fall colors give you a wide palette to play with for everything from centerpieces to bridal party dresses.

Fall wedding jewelry also gives you the ability to find bold, evocative wedding rings online or to add delicate, art-nouveau-inspired touches to accessories like boutonnieres and barrettes. Best of all, a seasonal menu allows for fun, elevated takes on comfort favorites. Fall wedding ideas naturally are born from the inspiration of the beautiful season. Look for those unique, seasonal touches and find ways to incorporate them into your special day.

Setting the Stage

Fall wedding planning is all about working with the robustness of the season: this includes rich colors and weather that allow for a warmer outdoor ceremony followed by a cool reception. Celebrate the fall foliage and use nature as the florist for your ceremony. Pull warm shades such as forest green, rust orange, and deep red into your theme via the flower arrangements. For an outdoor ceremony, allow the changing leaves to highlight the background of your wedding party photos. 

Find the same richness in traditional wedding ring sets from Pompeii3. Complete your wedding day ensemble with a pendant that features a fine ruby or emerald. Our selection of fall wedding jewelry perfectly suited to your autumnal affair is what’s known in the Parisian fall as “la touche finale.”

Gatherings and Gifts

blue sapphire stud earrings

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Fall has been, historically, thought of as a time for gathering and celebration. Of course, that makes it the ideal moment to bring your loved ones together for your big day. Planning a wedding with a group of friends and family at your side is a gift in itself, and thanking your closest loved ones is a pivotal part of the planning process. Finding ethical diamond jewelry gifts for bridesmaids is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation.

We recommend selecting pieces that match your theme and that look great with every outfit in your bridesmaids’ wardrobes. From simple but luminous solitaire pendants to round diamond studs, timeless jewelry makes for go-to pieces that will last generations.

Additionally, bold colors are right at home as accents in autumn, and fall wedding jewelry makes finding your something blue easy. Blue wedding jewelry can be a perfect pop of color against some of the more muted colors in the fall palette, making it one of many couples’ go-to fall wedding ideas.

couple kissing with veil over them

Perfect Moments Provided by Pompeii3

The when, the why, and the how of fall wedding planning always pales in comparison to the perfect couple, and the perfect jewelry. Express your love and explore our full selection of fine diamond jewelry gifts, right here at Pompeii3.

For over 100 years, Pompeii3 has been your family-owned source for quality men’s and women’s jewelry. We showcase breathtaking jewelry and exceptional customer service, all while offering affordable prices on every piece we sell. We also have a custom jewelry department available, where our craftsmen can fashion handcrafted, one-of-a-kind bridal jewelry. At Pompeii3, your satisfaction is guaranteed, which is why we offer free returns (excluding custom pieces) and a 180-day warranty on every piece we sell.

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